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Irksome Robocalls February 15, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

Hey American Petroleum Institute (who just called), and the RNC, and all other conservative organizations, here’s a little factoid for you:

Robocalls Don’t Work

They’re disruptive, annoying, and unconvincing. They make me want to vote in direct opposition to whatever your message is. Not that I listen too long before I hang up.

Just knock it off.


1. Lipstick - February 16, 2014

Do Not Call List. Then if they call you, report them.

2. Tushar - February 16, 2014

Do not call lists work for people who wants to sell you stuff in exchange for money. The greedy capitalists. People who want to sell you ideas , or people who just want to take your money (charities) can call you even if you are on Do not call list.

3. Lipstick - February 16, 2014

Bastards and their “ideas”.

4. Brendan Ashworth - August 5, 2014

Ha, this reminds me a lot of my post (http://blog.ashworth.in/bots-bots-all-around-us/).

Also, some percentage of callers completely ignore the national Do Not Call list, so you aren’t 100% safe from this virus.

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