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A Little Amusement for a Busy Thursday March 20, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

This was pretty good: 77 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually Completely True

The first four:

1. If you put your finger in your ear and scratch, it sounds just like Pac-Man.
2. The YKK on your zipper stands for “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha.”
3. Maine is the closest U.S. state to Africa.
4. Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barbara Walters were born in the same year, 1929.


1. Jimbro - March 20, 2014

That was a pretty interesting listicle. I used the picture of sand as a screen saver yesterday at work and people were fascinated by it.

2. geoff - March 20, 2014

Another diversion for the day: a collection of one-liners from late-night hosts. A sample:

Conan: Archeologists have discovered a leather belt believed to be 4,000 years old. So, now we know why Larry King wears suspenders.

3. geoff - March 20, 2014

And, of course, don’t forget the Thursday Random post at Hookers and Booze.

4. OBF - March 20, 2014

Reading the list was lot more fun that doing work work.
Thanks for sharing.

5. lauraw - March 20, 2014

Cute joke that came from one of my friends this morning:

George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, and Putin all die and go to hell.

While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.

Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished
the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin
writes him a check.

Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the devil informs her that the cost is 6 million dollars,
so she writes him a check.

Finally George Bush gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he is
finished the devil informs him that the cost is $5.00.

When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the devil why Bush
got to call the USA so cheaply.

The devil smiles and replies, “Since obama took over, the country has gone to hell, so it’s a local call.”

6. Pupster - March 23, 2014

60. You can’t hum while holding your nose.

Admit it, you tried.

7. Nanny G - April 3, 2014

We really enjoyed that diversion for the everyday madness from Obama.
Thanks so much.

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