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Yawning Over Today’s Uemployment Numbers April 4, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

The March unemployment numbers came out today, and were kind of blah. By “blah” I mean that by my metric (plotted below), today’s numbers were essentially the same as last month’s numbers. And the numbers from January.


According to the Household Survey, we added 476K jobs, but we added 503K people to the labor force. So we didn’t gain any ground against unemployment.

As usual, the part-time jobs have a huge influence on the numbers. Of the 476K jobs added, 414K were part-time.

Honestly, all the “America is in Recovery” stories you hear don’t impress me much. The employment situation is generally improving, but at a glacial rate. Real estate activity has perked up, but mostly in areas where foreign investors are trying to find a safe harbor for their wealth. The stock market has been doing great, but it’s been propped up by Quantitative Easing for years.

Our economy still seems pretty feeble to me.


1. wiserbud - April 4, 2014

Just plain sad.

But I’m sure the economy is poised to surge ahead soon!


Gonna talk a little about this on my show tomorrow. I’ll be sure to credit you.

2. Sobek - April 4, 2014

The wife and I just watched “God’s Not Dead.” I voted for the new Captain America, but she prevailed because she’s way better-looking than I am.

It was a good movie, and I feel better knowing that we didn’t end up funding any Hollywood chuckleheads. But I did want to reach through the screen and slap almost all of the characters into understanding what a logical fallacy is.

3. Cathy - April 5, 2014

Our youth group is going to see God’s Not Dead this weekend. I saw the trailer and am eager to see it.

4. Cathy - April 5, 2014

I was looking forward to seeing Noah, but got really bummed after watching Glenn Beck review it on TheBlaze.

I’ll probably still see it because I enjoy almost anything with Russell Crowe in it. I confess — he’s my kind of eye-candy.

5. Sobek - April 5, 2014

Let me know when you’ve seen it, Cathy. I’ll hold off on getting into the details until after. Not that there’s exactly a spoiler alert, but still…

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