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President Obama’s Manufacturing Jobs Promise April 5, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

The President has a well-documented habit of staring the American people in the eyes and confidently promising them things that he cannot possibly deliver. It’s a repeated occurrence made possible by the combination of poor counsel from his advisors, his blissful ignorance on a variety of critical subjects, and a formidable ego.

But it’s not all his fault – it takes a willfully gullible audience to let these pronouncements slide. When the President says ridiculous things like “I’m going to fix the economy by doubling our exports in five years,” the press and the liberal public pretty much nod their heads, pull the lever for him, and go back to sleep.

You may recall his promise at the Democratic National Convention in September 2012, where he confidently assured us that he was going to revive the manufacturing sector by adding 1 million jobs within 4 years. Of course he had absolutely no power to make good on that promise – he was simply counting on the continuation of the manufacturing job growth that had occurred in the preceding years.

Unfortunately, every presidential pronouncement acts like kryptonite to the American economy. As soon as he made that claim, manufacturing job growth slowed.

So how close is he to keeping that particular promise to the American public? About as close as he is on all his promises:


We should have added 350K manufacturing jobs by now, but we’ve only added 137K. At this rate, we’ll have created only 400K manufacturing jobs by September 2016.

We’re all living (if you can call it that) in an economy that is supposed to have been stimulated by these sorts of policies. Infrastructure investment, promoting green technologies, doubling exports, increasing manufacturing jobs: these were key components of the President’s economic recovery plan. A stupid plan, yes, exacerbated by poor execution and a refusal or inability to respond to poor results. A plan that has locked us in to tepid economic growth and widespread misery.

But the press and the public sleep on.


1. Michael - April 5, 2014

It’s weird that this lie gets no traction in the press, and yet is exponentially more significant than the “you can keep your doctor” flimflam which really affects very few people, has little economic significance, and yet has been brought to the attention of the entire country. Obama’s utter failure here seems like an obvious cudgel that the Republicans could use against the administration, and yet it lies dormant (except for Geoff, of course).

2. Mr. Matamoros - April 7, 2014

Who is this Harsh Reality fellow and why does he hate Obama so much?

3. skinbad - April 7, 2014

Geoff’s Native American name is “Obvious Cudgel.”

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