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Ten Months to Go: Can Obama Really Double Our Exports By Then? May 6, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released their report on international trade this morning, giving us our monthly chance to see how progress President Obama has made on his promise to double exports by next January. We’re in the last 10 months of the 5 years he gave himself to do this, so I’m sure you can feel the excitement mounting as much as I. Here’s how he’s doing:


I’d say he doesn’t have a prayer of making it – in fact, he’ll be lucky to get halfway there. And reaching only 50% of his promise gives him an F.

Pretty much locked in at this point, except for one little detail. The BEA is planning to make a major overhaul to their reporting in June. Could this be an 11th hour attempt to save the president?


1. Nanny G - May 8, 2014

“…..there is going to be a major overhaul to the reporting in June.”
Well, there you have it!
All Obama has ever cared to do is look good on paper.
Or in words, just words.

2. geoff - May 8, 2014

In past years I brushed aside everybody’s suspicions, but after hearing all the tales of incompetence and malevolence lately, I’m no longer a trusting sort.

It’ll be interesting (or maybe disgusting) to see what happens in June.

3. lauraw - May 8, 2014

Any minute now, man. That line is gonna take off like a rocket.

4. daveintexas - May 9, 2014

is bullshit an export?

5. Lipstick - May 13, 2014


Question: are these increases adjusted for inflation?

6. geoff - May 13, 2014

They are not. So this is the best possible case for the President.

7. President Obama’s Weekly Radio Address (5/17/2014) | Innocent Bystanders - May 21, 2014

[…] good, save for the fact that tourism is only 8% of our exports, and our exports have been sucking wind for the past three years. So even doubling tourism (hah!) won’t undo the economic damage this administration has […]

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