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Zionists 1, Elmo 0 May 14, 2014

Posted by Sobek in Personal Experiences.

A pic I took last weekend in San Francisco:


I wish I had the full story here, but I don’t.  All I know is, when we first drove past, I said, “Look kids, it’s Elmo.”  Elmo was wearing his mask at the time.  A little while later, I walked past and overheard Elmo yelling about Israeli Apartheid against the Palestinians.  Elmo still had the mask on.  A few minutes after that, I walked out of the building and took this picture.

Conclusion: the Zionists took down Palestinian Elmo.


1. Sobek - May 14, 2014

While you’re enjoying this post, you can listen to “Fall in Love,” by Phantogram. Of course, I get the impression that exactly none of you share my taste in music, so I won’t be offended if you skip it.

2. OBF - May 14, 2014

I remember that I usually liked your music best after you turned it off. However, this was pretty cool.

So, who change me or you?

3. skinbad - May 14, 2014

Looks like the white muppet ratted out the red muppet.

4. Pupster - May 23, 2014

Poor jews. When you’ve lost Elmo…

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