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Elliot Rodger’s Faux Misogyny May 27, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

This whole Elliot Rodger thing should have been dropped in a memory hole so as not to encourage other self-absorbed, egotistical, racist, classist, psycho jerks to try to get some notoriety at the end of their meaningless lives. I’m betting that there’s a limitless supply of these losers

But unfortunately, feminists have decided to make this all about misogyny, with professional pinhead Sally Kohn trying to tell us that this act is part of a nationwide problem with misogynistic terrorism.

As Elizabeth Plank and Jessica Valenti and several other writers have pointed out, the shooters rants are the very definition of misogyny. And the hatred of women is not a random personal twitch but a deeply ingrained worldview—let’s call it an ideology, even—with social and political implications.

And yet while in America we’re quick to recognize and politicize the broader implications of Islamic extremism, misogyny is treated not as an ideology but simply a sub-category of crazy.

There are many reasons why Ms. Kohn’s theory is silly, but I thought I’d just focus on this excerpt from Rodger’s loony manifesto (p. 100):

I saw obnoxious slobs who dressed in basketball shorts and T-shirts walking with hot girls. And there I was, decked out in Armani, all by myself. It was preposterous! I should have been the one walking with the hot girls!…

I soon found out the name of the beautiful girl in my math class. Her name was Brittany Story. Being the obsessed stalker I was, I looked her up on Facebook, and what I found shattered my already wounded heart to pieces. She had a boyfriend. Not only that, but her boyfriend was the type of boy that I have always hated and despised: a tall, muscular surfer-jock with a buzz cut. As I looked at the pictures of the two of them together, I shivered with pure hatred. I could physically feel the hatred burn through my entire body. I wanted to kill both of them, and I was capable of doing it. Brittany Story should have been mine, and if I can’t have her, no one should! I fantasized about capturing the two of them and stripping the skin off her boyfriend’s flesh while making her watch.

A page or so later:

I couldn’t help but feel a bitter form of envy at all of the rich kids at the concert. They grew up in lavish mansions, indulged in excessive opulence, and will never have to worry about anything in their pleasurable, hedonistic lives. I would take great pleasure in watching all of those rich families burn alive.

So who did this melodramatic kid hate? Everybody who had something he wanted. He hated everybody with relationships, money, and status.

His misogyny wasn’t even really misogyny – he was angry with beautiful women who wouldn’t go out with him, and especially angry with beautiful women who had relationships with “inferior” men. So again, it comes down to his hatred of people who wouldn’t give him what he wanted and those who had what he wanted.

This isn’t misogyny, it’s puerile selfishness and a gargantuan sense of entitlement.


1. Mr. Matamoros - May 28, 2014

Geoff, did you read the whole manifesto? I’m skimming through it and thinking what a sick little monkey that sad sack was…

2. geoff - May 28, 2014

Absolutely not. He’s not worth that much of anybody’s time.

3. lauraw - May 28, 2014

He was a very sick young man. He probably wrote all this shit, hoping (or knowing) that it would be broadcast far and wide and that he would be posthumously famous.

This huge publicity is like a clarion call to all other sick losers of his stripe. This kind of pathology is dangerous to feed. Copycat crimes in 3…2…1…

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