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Art June 1, 2014

Posted by Sobek in Art.

Number 12:


This photo makes the gold look more like yellow, but it’s actually gold.


1. Jimbro - June 1, 2014

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

2. lauraw - June 1, 2014

I love this one.

3. Michael - June 1, 2014

I can’t even imagine the discipline it takes to produce these works. They are truly wonderful.

4. Lipstick - June 1, 2014

That is absolutely beautiful, Sobek. How do you do the script so well? Is it just as if each letter is a work of art that you are re-creating?

5. daveintexas - June 2, 2014

“This writing is for you me and everyone…”

man my German is so rusty

6. Sobek - June 2, 2014

Lips, I pencil in the horizontal lines, including the line spacing. Then I type whatever I want to print on a computer and size it properly, and divide each line into quarters (just eyeballing it). I draw quarter lines over the horizontal lines and compare that to the printout, so I get the word spacing right. Then I just write the letters in, first in pencil, then in ink.

The piece I did in cuneiform was a bit different, because my computer won’t let me type in that for some reason. So I just made a grid and gave one letter to each box. You can’t do that with Roman, Arabic or Hebrew scripts because of kerning (a word I know because Dan Rather is a dishonest hack), but it works just fine with cuneiform.

7. skinbad - June 2, 2014

Very nice, Sobek. “man my German is so rusty”

I know a little German.

8. Cathy - June 2, 2014

Thanks for ‘splaining how you do the lettering, Sobek. You have a gift.

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