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When Good Things Happen to Good People June 8, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

Nice to see this kid getting what he deserves:

The Seattle Pacific University student who witnesses say tackled a campus gunman during a deadly shooting Thursday reportedly has had his wedding registry and honeymoon paid for by strangers after accounts of his heroics spread on Twitter.

As the story circulated on social media, a Twitter user reportedly shared a link to Meis’ wedding registry he set up with his fiancé.

When the registries were completed, a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the couple’s honeymoon was set up by another user who wanted to show support for Meis, BuzzFeed.com reported.

As of early Saturday, more than $11,000 had been raised for the couple.

It usually takes a while for this sort of news to disseminate widely, so I’m hoping the couple keeps raking it in over the next week.

Ah – just checked the fund page and it’s over $40,000 now. Awesome.


1. lauraw - June 8, 2014

That fiancee of his must be over the moon!

2. daveintexas - June 9, 2014

She’s marrying a man.

3. geoff - June 9, 2014

Could this guy get any classier?

UPDATE: Jon Meis released a statement today urging future donations go toward the victims at Seattle Pacific University. This page will remain live for those who wish to show their support, but donations have been turned off, in order to honor Jon’s wishes.

4. lauraw - June 10, 2014


5. Cathy - June 10, 2014

In the midst of the present mess – I needed this true story. It’s clear many other good folk needed and wanted it too.

6. Michael - June 10, 2014

Is “transcripted” a word?

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