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An Alternative View of the Iraq Situation June 13, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

I think people are missing one key aspect of the ISIS attacks in Iraq.

  • Sure the attacks represent a failure of the President’s foreign policy, and
  • Sure the attacks represent a failure of our national intelligence apparatus, and
  • Sure the attacks will cause big problems in the Middle East unless we do something, and
  • Sure the President seems paralyzed with indecision,

BUT, people are forgetting about the money ISIS took. $480 million! I think some enterprising folk might take it upon themselves to liberate ISIS from that cash. If I were younger, knew my way around guns and the Middle East, and had a cadre of like-minded cronies, I’d be tempted myself.

It’s like they painted a big bullseye on their backs.


1. Jimbro - June 13, 2014

Obama’s grand plan is to sic the IRS after ISIS

2. Sam Hill - June 13, 2014

That sounds like it could be a great heist movie.

Like a reverse Die Hard or maybe Ocean’s 11. You could have actors known for playing villains in the hero roles, and comedians and leading men cast against type on the other side.

Goatees optional. Oh, and it needs a title, something better than “Turnabout” or “Unfair Play” or “Extreme Risk.”

3. geoff - June 14, 2014

Kelly’s Heroes is the movie that came to my mind.

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