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West Side Story June 25, 2014

Posted by Retired Geezer in Entertainment, Music.

Some of you know that I’m doing the lighting for West Side Story at my local theater.

Here’s my favorite scene from the movie:



Some lighting looks from my show:

Opening look.


Tony and Maria at the dance in the gym.



1. Retired Geezer - June 25, 2014

Dream: I always wanted to dress like Bernardo.

Fact: I usually dress like ‘Anybodys’.

2. Retired Geezer - June 26, 2014

We have a really talented cast and crew.
Hats off to Davin, Molly and Jeff, my excellent light crew.
Sterling Tull (Tony) and Brayton Hunt (Maria) are both 15 years old IRL.
They both have great voices, you’ll be hearing more about them in the future.

3. lauraw - June 26, 2014

New Young Pony Club, Ice Cream: http://youtu.be/-shACMaxUb0

Big Data, Dangerous: http://youtu.be/TWPcid4l74U

Do you hear that? Is that a ripoff, or just really close?

4. Sobek - June 26, 2014

Know what’s fun? Singing “I Feel Pretty” three octaves lower than scored. I think it’s clear that part calls for a bass.

5. Sobek - June 26, 2014

Obama: “Cynicism has never won a war…”
Sobek: “Says the guy who has never won a war (unless you count Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and the Crimea).”

Obama: “… or cured a disease…”
Sobek: “Neither has Obama (unless you count vets dying from neglect, or cancer patients losing their oncologists).”

Obama: “…or started a business…”
Sobek: “Yeah, I’m going to look at you for advice on starting a business (Solyndra).”

Obama: “…or fed a young mind…”
Sobek: “Common Core.”

Obama: “…or sent men into space.”
Sobek: “How many men you sending into space these days? Damn, how did Americans get so cynical?”

6. Retired Geezer - June 27, 2014

What Sobek said.

Also, good catch, Lauraw.

7. lauraw - June 27, 2014

Is it? Does it sound the same to you too?

8. Retired Geezer - June 27, 2014

It sounds more alike than some of the ones that have been awarded copyright infringement judgements.

9. daveintexas - June 27, 2014

That’s not the same break between the two chords, the second chord is higher than in the New Young Pony Club tune. The effects are real close though

10. daveintexas - June 27, 2014

These aren’t the notes, but the break looks like this:

NYPC: a C to an F

BD: a C to a G

11. lauraw - June 27, 2014

I will take your word for it and tell them to cancel the appointment with the lawyer.

12. daveintexas - June 28, 2014

I practiced this with my air bass.

Pretty sure I got it

13. lauraw - June 28, 2014

The air bass is infallible.

14. daveintexas - June 29, 2014

I was extremely fallible today

15. lauraw - June 30, 2014

Ask for it without the refried beans next time.

16. daveintexas - June 30, 2014

I replaced the kitchen sink faucets yesterday.

I am feeling this today. Ow.

17. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2014

Kitchen faucets implies indoor plumbing.

18. daveintexas - June 30, 2014

Yes, on your back in a cramped space with limited visibility working over your head. It feels AWESOME

19. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2014

Oh yeah. But you forgot to include the part where you can’t see anything because your bifocals are too low and your eyeballs are looking up.

20. daveintexas - June 30, 2014

How did you know that?

I could not see shit.. except the glasses likely saved me from rust flake eyeball poisoning.

Geezer is feelin me now.

21. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2014

Rust Flake Eyeball Poisoning.

*copyrights (c) Patents disease and herbal cure.

22. Sobek - July 1, 2014

I replaced my kitchen sink faucets like a week ago. Dave, we’re practically twins!

Yeah, that’s a physically uncomfortable project.

23. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2014

I never realized how heavy my head was until I tried to hold it up when I was laying down.

Must suck to be Brewfan.

24. skinbad - July 1, 2014

Cheese is heavy.

25. Lipstick - July 1, 2014

Did you guys have one of those lights that strap around your head? They look like olde tyme doctor reflector forehead things. (Sorry to get all technical on you.)

26. BrewFan - July 1, 2014


27. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2014

Hi Brew!

Yeah, Lips we love those headlight things. They are so neat for camping and feeding chickens after dark, and sink faucets and OB GYN exams.

28. daveintexas - July 1, 2014

I just used a flashlight. And yeah, it’s the holding your head up while laying down for 2 hours.

*passes Sobek some ibuprofen*

29. Sobek - July 2, 2014

*grinds ibuprofen into a fine powder*

*puts the powder onto a spoon*

*squirts water onto the powder*

*gently holds the spoon over an open flame*

*starts to wonder if maybe I’m doing this wrong…*

30. Michael - July 2, 2014

Yes Lips. Cathy gave me a strap-on headlight years ago and I love it. I was not previously aware that those things existed. Everybody should have one.

31. skinbad - July 2, 2014

I’m glad you threw “headlight” in there.

32. daveintexas - July 2, 2014


33. lauraw - July 2, 2014

I bet that was one of Michael’s sneaky edits.

34. Lipstick - July 3, 2014

Ha! Well, it’s just one of those things that the soon-to-be-former Mr. Lipstick had that I thought was a great idea.

Can I say that I am really annoyed with him tonight?

He has accepted a voluntary move to Arizona that will seriously mess with my healthcare in terms of thousands of dollars out. That is kinda important to me. I am being ungrateful, which is true (barf), but it is making me cranky. So I vent to my fortunate friends.

35. Lipstick - July 3, 2014

Don’t you all feel so fortunate now?

36. Pupster - July 3, 2014

Yes, fortunate indeed. I have three of those headlamp thingys, I use them when I grill after dark, working on cars and stuff. I did a lot of work above ceilings on my last jerb and there was no substitute for hands free lighting where you are looking.

37. Retired Geezer - July 3, 2014

I and Mrs. Geezer feel fortunate indeed to have met Lipstick IRL.

38. daveintexas - July 3, 2014

Me too.

*hugs her*

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