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No Wimmin Runners Allowed July 9, 2014

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime, Heroes.

I had never heard of this before my friend, Kelso, the Skydiving Beach Bum, sent me the photo.


Race official Jock Semple tries to push Kathy Switzer off the road after she attempts to run the Boston Marathon, which at the time was men’s only.
Number 390 pushing Jock away was Kathy’s boyfriend.

Guess what year this happened?

Guess what year women were finally able to run in the Boston Marathon?



1. Retired Geezer - July 9, 2014

I never realized that women were banned from competing in this race.

2. Tushar - July 10, 2014

The photo has a 60s or early 70s feel to it.

3. Jimbro - July 10, 2014

Growing up in MA that was a familiar picture. I’ve seen it many times but don’t know the year. I’m voting for the 60’s.

4. geoff - July 10, 2014

Well, she was getting cooties all over the race.

5. Retired Geezer - July 10, 2014

That race happened in 1967.

Wimmins were allowed to race in the Boston Marathon in 1972.

6. lauraw - July 10, 2014

I read her account of the incident on her website. Pretty amazing story. I do doubt her insistence that she wasn’t there to start shit, but it hardly matters either way.

Apparently back then there was a persistent belief that involvement in athletics ruined a woman’s reproductive organs. Which, with certain ultra-rigorous disciplines (like how gymnastics can eliminate menses or delay puberty), is somewhat understandable.

7. skinbad - July 10, 2014

The boyfriend looks solid.

8. daveintexas - July 10, 2014

Can we revisit women voting?

9. Retired Geezer - July 10, 2014

Gymnastics has delayed puberty in a lot of those East German Wimmins.

10. Lipstick - July 11, 2014

Who runs a marathon in sweats? She must have roasted.

11. lauraw - July 11, 2014

She had shorts on underneath, and pitched her outer gear later on in the race. It had been snowing earlier that day.

12. OBF - July 11, 2014

I might consider jogging or running after the first time I see a jogger run past me with a smile on their face.

13. geoff - July 11, 2014

Which, with certain ultra-rigorous disciplines, is somewhat understandable.

…’specially looking at today’s youth.

14. Retired Geezer - July 12, 2014

I might consider jogging or running after the first time I see a jogger run past me with a smile on their face.

Yep. Good point.

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