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In Defense of Robert Redford August 7, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

I usually enjoy Ace’s writing and analysis, and I certainly welcome Hollywood libs being mocked for hypocrisy, but I think he’s off base with this post:

Robert Redford, Champion of Higher Taxes, Sues to Get His Tax Money Back

It is extraordinarily easy to arbitrarily declare that some person, Not You, should pay huge amounts of taxes to the government. You can than talk about all the Public Goods such taxes could buy, and then finish off with a declaration of how short-sighted and, frankly, Evil the people resisting the taxes on themselves are.

But what about when that same burden is applied to yourself, Mr. Redford? Because that’s the real test. It costs nothing to you to declare that someone not named Robert Redford should be shellacked with confiscatory taxes to pay for all these important Public Goods.

Basically Redford earned income in two states and was taxed in both states. New York should have given up a prorated share of their taxes, but since they’re buttheads, Redford is having to sue to get his money back.

I do this every year as well – I pay taxes in two states and then recover the doubly-taxed money from the non-resident state.

So this is not a liberal Hollywood type being hoisted on his own petard – it’s just business as usual, complicated by the lack of cooperation from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

I’d like to see Redford eat his words, but this wasn’t it.


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