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Woooo!!! Ah Know Mah Rights!! August 15, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

What’s the world coming to, when a man can’t pretend to be a ghost in a cemetery?

Anthony Stallard, 24, booted the football at gravestones and acted like a ghost for cemetery visitors, according to a court hearing. “He was throwing himself backwards, waving his arms about and going ‘wooooooo,'” said a prosecuting attorney. “I’m assuming he was pretending to be a ghost.” Stallard pleaded guilty to “using threatening or abusive words or behavior likely to cause distress,” the Portsmouth News reports.

Fortunately this isn’t happening in America. Yet.


1. digitalbrownshirt - August 16, 2014

In a previous article about the incident I got the idea that the guy was actually arrested for public intoxication and acting like an a-hole in public (which isn’t illegal unless you have the alcohol part involved) while he was probation. That would get you arrested in my town too.

2. Pupster - August 16, 2014

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