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News You Can Use: How Those Jellyfish Get You August 19, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

Cool video from Destin, who has a series of educational videos called “Smarter Every Day.” In this one he tackles how creatures like jellyfish and the anemone sting you. It’s because they have 800,000 miniature hypodermic needles per square centimeter, each one injecting venom into you. I now fear the sea as never before.

The video is entertaining, but the content is pretty much done by the 4 minute point.

The professor seems like an Australian version of Michael Palin.


1. jam2 - August 21, 2014

i had jellyfish at a chinese restaurant today – just doing my part to help purge the world of this scourge
#helping geoff conquer fear (one jelly at a time)

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