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When EU Regulations Imitate Art August 22, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

Next month the EU will suck a little less:

Consumers who prefer powerful vacuum cleaners are being advised to buy one now before new EU energy rules that restrict motor sizes come into place next month.

from 1 September, companies will not be able to make or import vacuum cleaners with a motor more powerful than 1600 watts.

Consumer group Which? said that five of its seven Best Buy models named since January 2013 had motors exceeding 1,600 watts, and on average, cleaners boast an average of 1,800 watts.

By 2017, the maximum wattage will again be lowered to 900.

Reminds me of the old SNL sketches with the “Festrunk Brothers,” the two wild and crazy guys from Czechoslovakia (Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin). I think it’s the first skit where they’re cleaning up their apartment with this enormous vacuum cleaner they brought from Czechoslovakia (only high party officials can get them right away).

Anyway, the suction is so poor that they’re picking up trash and dropping it into the vacuum hose. And now, almost 25 years later, EU citizens will get to enjoy the same sort of cleaning performance.

Don’t feel bad – out day can’t be far off.


1. lauraw - August 27, 2014

Some people don’t know that the regular 100 watt incandescent bulbs are done for, by government decree. They’re finding out now and they’re like, whaaaa?? I’m like, hey, see what happens when you don’t pay attention?

2. Lipstick - August 27, 2014

This is even more ridiculous than usual for the EU. Regulating vacuum cleaners??? This is what happens when unelected busybodies with time on their hands bestir themselves.

The European Commission believes the new regulations will mean better vacuum cleaners for consumers.

Better exactly how, you lying plop of cowshit?

I’ll bet the people who put this in place will use part of their very generous expense accounts to sneak a decent vacuum in from somewhere that still makes them. Rules and regulations are for the peasants, after all.

Can anybody think of any benefit the EU provides for the poor saps who have to live in it? Besides not having to change money when driving down to visit Uncle Guido?

3. Michael - August 28, 2014

Can anybody think of any benefit the EU provides for the poor saps who have to live in it.

Mobility of labor and capital across national boundaries. That’s the big benefit of the common market that ultimately is good for everyone in Europe. In the U.S., this mobility across state lines is enshrined in our Constitution as the interstate commerce clause, arguably the most important provision in the Constitution.

4. osoloco11 - August 28, 2014

See also the e-sig market. Retailers are all WTF? with this one.

5. Jimbro - August 28, 2014

I prepared for the 100 watt bulb phase out. What I totally missed was the gas can changes. I have one old school 5 gallon container and the rest are the newfangled ones that don’t pour very well. Maybe I can trade some hundie watt bulbs for an old gas can.

6. lauraw - August 28, 2014

Wiserbud can actually tell you the story behind those shitty new gas cans.

7. Anonymous - September 2, 2014

Sure is nice one currency but……. as My ex used to rent a building to the EC High Commission overseas, Having been to England like I feel I am part English ha.

Many are migrating to Jolly Ole England from other areas of the EU… There are benefits to the EU and the pro’s and con’s The European Union. It’s not good or bad – as most things of the world. It has various positive and negative impacts on socio-economic systems. The task of a politician s there job is to foresee the inevitable and to expedite its occurrence” – . As migration is the engine of even our American history, Ellis Island.
In Europe with regards to the EU it is a natural process, an instinctive human desire to live and work where people want a better life for themselves and their families not pandering to the populist, ignorance and xenophobia,

But I see the pros and cons and even as I am liberal. I am also centenarian in many of my views, But Switzerland of my favorite countries refused to join the EU. Here we have a major psychosocial paradox
You want capitalism but do not want immigration.

But we must look at and take into factor. What is the attitude of the population of immigrants. To me migration and the adaption of the EU is good and bad. All rolled into one.

Pro’s and the Con’s

Because what if the (already citizens) feel their country is becoming overcrowded and what about the jobs and skills of those migrating,

I spent summers in England and am very familiar with the House of Commons and how English feel. Best friend is a Barrister inner temple. Oh, How I love how they wear those wigs . . Most my friends are Brits. ENGLISH It depends who you ask how they feel about the EU. I have to say in honesty some of my English friends are sort of anti EU. And some pro EU. England is like the US in how they feel even about Cameron.

Because some English people feel that for example that people come from some of the former Eastern Block Countries one grandmothers for example where she is from and have learned to take advantage of the system in England. This is to not say all people from these countries do this. A few bad seeds spoil the whole lot.

The EU needs to take into account these things and original concept of the EU in the first place. Freedom of movements without running into trouble.

To me immigration is good if it is managed if one can stop abuses of resources, exploited labor. Emphasis on productive integration and immigrants should be expected to adept to the local way of life. It is possible and with a positive mind set. But if it is bad it breeds hate, intolerance and inequalities..

8. Anonymous - September 2, 2014

The worst problem England will face and my English friends do worry about this is the migration of Muslims by 2035 ISLAM and Muslims will dominate England.
The leader of ISIS that scum of the earth speaking with a distinct British accent who beheaded James Foley. This is the biggest threat and issue is radical Islam and evil ISIS. . ISIS needs to be eradicated and eliminated . I am a liberal with marines in my family. No shit I want ISIS dealt with and fiercely .

9. geoff - September 2, 2014

ClassyDorms, I took the liberty of reformatting your comment #7, since it was very difficult to read as posted.

Also, please try to include a moniker when commenting. Otherwise it’s hard to maintain a discussion.

10. Anonymous - September 2, 2014

I often speak in stream of conscience as many poets and writers have throughout history . . We speak a language all artists know which are much of what many and most of my friends are .. Liberals to .

11. Anonymous - September 2, 2014

I do not always sign in under my name when on world press being anonymous and anonymity with abnormality is ingenious but then with age of internet IP addresses can easily be found .Especially on social media sites by administrators.

12. geoff - September 2, 2014

I understand your security concerns, but understand that it’s hard to place comments from someone named “anonymous” in the context of their previous statements. Particularly when more than one person may be anonymous.

If you’re genuinely worried about the administrators at this site tracking you down, then you might try using Tor, which reroutes your internet traffic so your IP can’t be traced.

13. Anonymous - September 2, 2014

I know how to block my IP address lol . I am at Michael s oh Batman or Gay batman .AKA<
Geoff so the IP address would show from Gay Batmans location,. Secondly , let it be known that my second cousin is only an ex inactive CIA agent who does private contracting special ops. Who I will not say if he or she can not only show me how to block IP addressed but can find out travel arrangements of my ex . Which he entertained me a couple times and did just this. Off topic which was brought up in court overseas and my ex's lawyer wanted my cousins last name. Which I proudly said I could never release the name of an active or inactive agent without this being considered Treason in the US. I said I will have to refuse your request and deny . . The judge was nervous I mean we are THE US of A,. Super Power. The judge said . ( I am not about to even want to know this persons sex or name. But please do not spy on your ex by the way.
So Anonymous to me is sort of fun even if I truly wanted Anonymous believe you me I would be real anonymous.
I also have IT people in my immediate family . I could and would. Just usually automatically when I sign into my classydorms aol account going onto world press is set up somehow it has become disabled and I need to go back and probably set a new password. Bad about forgetting passwords, Smiles Geoff and have a nice day.

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