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Recliners’ Rights September 3, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

I don’t know where y’all stand on the reclining seat controversy, but today the guy who started the whole thing tried to clarify what happened. It didn’t improve my impression of him at all:

When the flight attendants came through the cabin to serve beverages, the woman said her seat was broken. That’s when Beach told one of them about the Knee Defender. The flight attendant asked him to remove the device, and Beach said he did.

“As soon as I started to move it, she just full force, blasted the seat back, right on the laptop, almost shattered the screen. My laptop came flying onto my lap,” he said.

That’s when Beach’s anger boiled over. He said he pushed the woman’s seat forward and put the Knee Defender back in. The woman stood up and threw a cup of soda — not water, as previously reported water — at him.

“I said a lot of things I shouldn’t have said to the flight attendant: some bad words, what’s your name and ‘I can’t believe you’re treating me like this,'” he recalled.

He pushed her seat back up and swore at the flight attendant? No question that this guy’s a dick. So the remaining question is: Was his original use of the Knee Defender a dick move? I don’t think there’s any question that it was.

First, airlines prohibit the use of the Knee Defender on their airplanes. And second, he knows he’s infringing on other passengers’ rights when he takes away their ability to recline:

“You have the right, but it seems rude to do it,” said Beach, who is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

He knows it so well that he hides the fact that he does it:

The device comes with a courtesy card to tell passengers that you’ve blocked them, but he doesn’t use it.

“I’d rather just kind of let them think the seat is broken, rather than start a confrontation,” he said.

I think airline seating sucks and is getting worse, but that doesn’t mean that you get to sabotage your fellow passengers to improve your own comfort. This guy is a selfish pampered dick who is so unaware of how dickish he is, that he thought that his “clarification” of the incident would cast him in a better light.

Nope. 100% unalloyed dick.


1. Cathy - September 3, 2014

Yup. A dick. I think I’ve had this guy near me on a flight or two… OR there are plenty of selfish dicks out there just like him.

2. OBF - September 4, 2014

Anyone up for the worst flight-mates on selected trips?

Only one seat left on a flight I was on some years ago. Seat configuration was three seats per side. The vacant seat was in the middle. 2 1/2 hour flight. Two dick heads, who were friends, one on the aisle and one in the window seat. Literally high fiving each other about not having the middle seat taken. (I was on the oposite side of the plane and 2 rows back.) Both were yucking it up about their obvious coolness.

2 minutes before the flight takes off the last passenger starts to walk down the aisle. This lady was massive. Had she been 4 inches taller she would have been square. She waddles down the aisle. Dickhead one and dickhead two have their dickhead smiles melting off their faces. They just look at each other with fear and dread knowing what was about to happen.

She gets settled in the middle seat. The flight attendant brings the seatbelt extender because the regular sealt belt was way too short. The middle passenger epitomises the western phrase of being rode hard and put away wet.

The flight takes off. As the plane rockets up the lady leans her head back. Her jaw drops down. She begins to snore at about 85 decibiles. The sleep/sore routine lasts 3/4ths of the flight. I just read my Bon Apetite magazine and smiled…on the inside.

Maybe it was the altitude but we seemed to be a little closer to the angles that day.

3. Lipstick - September 4, 2014

Yes, dick move. He thinks he’s better than everyone else. I wonder if he reclines his seat? *actually reads article* He says he doesn’t but such a selfish sneak probably does anyway.

It’s stealing the space that someone else paid for.

And a “courtesy card”?? Call it what it is: a Dick Card. And the guy didn’t use it because he wanted to get away with it.

4. Michael - September 4, 2014

Is it still a dick move if you have long legs and just use your knees instead of some device?

A friend wants to know.

5. classydorms - September 4, 2014

Just fly first class or business, buy upgrades and a tall guy could pay a slight more and in coach get a bulkhead seat. Flying ain’t like it used to be and never will be. Tempers are already there with TSA and even getting frisked everywhere you travel. 9-11 wrecked flying when it used to fun.

6. classydorms - September 4, 2014

I guess flying is so complicated and the more TSA tries to make it easier the worse it becomes for frequent fliers and travelers,. Nothing like having to get undressed every time you fly and scanned. Free x rays. No one seems to be happy campers with all the rules and regulations. Yet, weapons make it through TSA security. Sign of how times have changed for the worse. People like this guy they needs to check the aircraft they are flying because some planes offer more room in coach. With these planes First class you get a seat the size of a NY apartment. But we have to be mindful we all have just as much right as the person sitting next to us. I feel sorry for flight attendants now because even they look ( grouchy). Miami Customs recently took me two sweet hours. :(. to clear . If not longer in what used to be less than thirty minutes at the most.

7. geoff - September 4, 2014

Is it still a dick move if you have long legs and just use your knees instead of some device?

That’s one of the fundamental forms of conflict: man against man; man against himself; man against nature; man against society; and man against reclining seat.

Flying ain’t like it used to be and never will be.

TSA/PRE is a godsend. It rolls security hassles back to the year 2000. Laptops stay in bags, shoes stay on feet, belt stays around waist, and you don’t have to go through the junk-scanner.

8. classydorms - September 4, 2014

Oh well I see how a dog eat dog eat world in many ways not until most recently did it ever ring more true for me in life. Experience the teacher of all. Every dog man /woman for himself or herself . Sounds so Darwin like .Survival of the fittest,. This is where my heart gets the better of me. You know humanitarian bleeding heart liberal. Motto take care of the sick, poor and needy.

9. classydorms - September 4, 2014

Jesus was a liberal to,

10. classydorms - September 4, 2014

Off subject Happy birthday to me and my ex hubby .

11. geoff - September 4, 2014

Motto take care of the sick, poor and needy.

Conservatives have that motto too. We just think it should be voluntary.

12. digitalbrownshirt - September 5, 2014

Jesus is the Son of the Living God, not some cheap, political point.

13. classydorms - September 5, 2014

Jesus to some is just used for cheap political points, Never have I see more hypocrisy from the right than any other group or sect. I can not see how these people can justify when they ( lie ) and commit ( adultery) this is ok. While condemning others. I am taking care of my Republican boyfriend Solo. I mean S.O.L.O. All the doctors, nurses, many testing facilities etc know me. This experience has opened my eyes to so much. One thing I detest more and most in life is bigots and hypocrisy . Don’t hide your sins of plenty in the name of religion and a few hallelujahs. You mock God when you do so.

14. geoff - September 5, 2014

Please tone it down a bit, CD. You’re painting with an awfully broad brush and saying some very incendiary things. If anybody bothers to respond to those points at all, I can only see the conversation going to Bad Places. We’ve always tried to avoid that here.

It sounds like you’ve had some bitter personal experiences, and for that I have some sympathy. But we don’t need an argument over which part of the political spectrum is the most hypocritical or faithful. That will go nowhere.

15. Cathy - September 5, 2014

*hugs Geoff*

16. Anonymous - September 6, 2014

Diffusion of responsibility happens when people will watch as others suffer and become so removed from the situation . Desensitized to witnessing others suffer. They can walk by as someone is being murdered. Move away from a loved one as they are in the stages of dying and death . This happening. now . I hate pleading, begging for others to do what they should know is right. How can people do this and not be defenders in life . To me as a social crusader there is some mechanism inside of you that is missing if you can stand by and do nothing. This is what I have been experiencing in relation to a degree with a current situation.at hand. It has me saddened, shocked and beyond dismayed. There is also those who remove themselves they can hear your please and they fall on deaf ears. Not even your tears to ask for help will make them want to help. Sometimes when you are the only one helping you need others as back up and I have even become quite angry and hurt. Just carry on without a second thought

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