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What a Difference 11 Weeks Makes October 17, 2014

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1. Retired Geezer - October 17, 2014

*hums “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”…

2. Sobek - October 17, 2014

Nothing like a Bob Marley tune to calm you down.

3. digitalbrownshirt - October 18, 2014

Bobby McFerrin, released in September of 1988. It will forever be seared into my memory since I started a one year tour of duty in Korea that same month and year. It played on AFKN a minimum of twice every hour for six months straight. AFKN was the only English language radio station we had access to in the pre-internet days so the choice was either AFKN (starring Bobby McFerrin) or listening to the humming of our Sperrys as they did the math on the best way to keep Uncle Kim in check.

Bob Marley had a song called Three Little Birds that had the line “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right.” It saved my life one night, when I was seriously considering doing something that should never be done back in 1992.

/ramble over

4. Sobek - October 18, 2014

So catchy.

5. digitalbrownshirt - October 18, 2014

6. digitalbrownshirt - October 18, 2014

Marley died 7 years before “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was written. I’m still amazed that McFerrin did this entirely a cappella. His voice is the only thing on the recording.

Here’s that Marley song I was talking about.

7. sobek - October 18, 2014

I remember when Don’t Worry Be Happy came out. I saw Bob Marley in concert and that was the first song he did. You’re right, DBS, it was pretty cool to watch him do it a capella, instead of with all that electric guitar and rock drums like on the album.

8. lauraw - October 19, 2014

I think I went to a concert on that tour, Sobek. Marley was singing that song, then when he got to the part about paying the rent, he bit the head off a live bat. It was pretty trippy.

9. digitalbrownshirt - October 19, 2014

Did the bat give him ebola?

On a serious note, I found out over a breakfast with friends that one of the kids from our church was on the cruise liner with the ebola watch case. My oldest son used to date the guy’s sister.

10. digitalbrownshirt - October 19, 2014

OK, that’s just weird. As I clicked that last post, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was playing on a commercial on tv.

11. Sobek - October 19, 2014
12. Sobek - October 19, 2014

Laura, I think you’re confusing Bob Marley with Ozzy Osbourne. That doesn’t even make any sense at all, because the two singers are so different.

One wierd thing about that concert is I kept yelling for Marley to sing “Informer,” but he never did. I was so odd because I remember that song got him a lot of air play around that time, so you’d think he would have put it in his show.

13. Sobek - October 19, 2014

I can’t post that “it begins” link to the main page from my phone, or else I would.

14. Sobek - October 19, 2014

Here’s Bob Marley doing “Informer.” Good times.

15. lauraw - October 24, 2014

Sobek, you’re like a walking encyclopedia. Amazing. I am so embarrassed.

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