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A New Obamaccomplishment: Being Beaten by Germany in a Popularity Contest Among Nations November 19, 2014

Posted by geoff in News.

The AoSHQ sidebar noted that the US has slipped to being the world’s second-favorite country:

Germany is now the world’s favorite country, according to the Anholt-Gfk Nations Brand Index, which measures the image of 50 leading nations.

The Teutonic powerhouse knocked the United States from its longtime perch at the top of the ratings

Not a big deal, until you read the reasons why:

“In a year of various international confrontations, the United States has lost significant ground where tension has been felt the most acutely,” said Xiaoyan Zhao, senior vice president and director of the index. “Both Russia and Egypt have downgraded the U.S. in an unprecedented manner, particularly in their perception of American commitment to global peace and security, and in their assessment of the competence of the U.S. government.”


Well informed racists, but racists nonetheless. Don’t they know that “smart diplomacy” was all the world should have needed to make it love us?

Unless they’re surly racists, that is.


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