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More Manufacturing Jobs Than Normal, But Still Woefully Inadequate November 8, 2014

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When you promise to add 1 million manufacturing jobs in 4 years, as our rash President did a couple of years ago, it means you need to add about 20,000 jobs per month to make your goal. This past month was an unusually good one for the President – 15,000 manufacturing jobs were added. Much better than his normal 10,000 per month, but nowhere near what he needs to keep his promise.

Not that he’s losing any sleep over his promise; I doubt he remembers or cares that he ever made it. That’s OK: he has Innocent Bystanders to jog his memory. And jog it we shall:


Employment Situation Report – Nov 2014 November 7, 2014

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Not too shabby this month. We’ve been on kind of an upswing for the past 4 months.


Kind of odd, that surge as we approached the election. Yessirree, a real puzzler.

EddieBear Sighting November 5, 2014

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“Once more into the fray—into the last good fight I’ll ever know”

Coupla Things November 5, 2014

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I never shook off the gloom from election night 2012 enough to ever feel positive about 2014.  Sure, polls showed the GOP would pick up seats.  Maybe they’d get the Senate.  But a) 2016 will be a tough year in the Senate for the GOP, and b) I don’t trust the GOP to do anything useful in the Senate in the meantime.  If they’re worse than useless – if they actively conspire against their base, then Republicans like me will be so disgusted and pissed off that Hillary’s election will be guaranteed.  And besides, I still remember smarting from 2010, when Republicans didn’t measure up to favorable polls and Harry Reid kept his job.

And yet tonight my pessimism about American voters and the GOP appears to have been misplaced, yeah?  I mean, holy crap:

Republican governors won in Illinois, Arkansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, maybe even Connecticut?  Seriously, holy crap.  How badly do the Dems have to screw up to produce that kind of result?  Speaking of which, what’s with the Dems nominating Martha “I stick my fingers in your food” Coakley again?  And can we talk her into taking a shot at the Presidency in two years?  She’s got nothing but time on her hand (and beer foam).  I have to mention my deep satisfaction that Abortion Barbie lost to Greg Abbott by 20 points, because I think she’s a loathsome subhuman.

In the Senate, it’s not just that the Republicans won, but that the margins are just eye-popping.  Let’s look at a few (but these may change):

Montana: 18% margin

South Dakota: 24% margin

Colorado: 7% margin

Iowa: 8% margin

Arkansas: 16% margin

West Virginia: 28% margin

Georgia: 8% margin

Louisiana (adding the two Republican totals): 13% margin

North Carolina has Thilis up by 2% in a race he was supposed to lose.  Scott Walker lost by 4% (that’s a heartbreaker), but that’s less than 15,000 votes.  Gillespie in Virginia is down by 12,000 votes in a race that CNN didn’t even put on it’s “Key Races” page because they excepted such a Warner blow-out.  Just … savor those numbers, my friends.  Oh, and here’s one more for you: Yurtle the Turtle McConnell beat Grimes by 15% in a state the Dems honestly thought they could flip (same is true of SD, which was 24% – thanks for dumping a million dollar ad buy up there, Donks!).  Mrs. S said the only way Kentucky could have been better would be if Ashley Judd had been the opponent.  She has a point, but I’d add that it would have been better still if Yurtle had lost to a primary challenger who had then demolished Judd the Abortion Enthusiast.

It’s hard to say what I’m most please about tonight, but it may very well be an un-named aide saying Obama complained the election isn’t a judgment on him: “He doesn’t feel repudiated.”  Good.  I’m sincerely glad he doesn’t feel repudiated.

Now here’s some Garbage:

Eva Cassidy ~ Remembered November 2, 2014

Posted by Retired Geezer in Love.

If you’ve never heard of Eva Cassidy you’re in for a bittersweet treat.



I’ve been a fan for years, this video made me weep.

She also has a beautiful version of “Fields of Gold”. Here’s what Sting had to say about it:

Years after Eva’s death, Sting did hear her recording of the song. In the article “Robin Young: Forever Catching Fireflies in a Bottle” by Laura Bernieri, we learn that “Robin was able to get Sting to listen to Eva’s rendition of ‘Fields of Gold.’ She has him on camera saying that he was quite territorial about that song, arrogant even, only to be brought to tears by her totally different vocal interpretation.”

Eva passed away N0vember 2, 1996.