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When Should You Automatically Believe a Rape Victim? December 20, 2014

Posted by Sobek in News.

It depends who “you” are.

1.  If you’re on a jury, the answer is “never.”  If he or she was a victim, let the prosecution prove it.

2.  If you’re a cop, the answer is “always,” at least as long as you’re taking the initial report.  As you continue with your investigation you can decide how much to believe.

3.  If you’re reading about it in a newspaper or on a blog, the answer is “never.”  The first news report is almost certainly riddled with errors, and that’s assuming the writer isn’t intentionally lying, stretching the facts, or ignoring inconvenient facts to suit a narrative.  That doesn’t mean the victim is lying, it means wait for more information.

4.  If you’re a feminist reporter looking for a story to advance your agenda, the answer is “never.”  But if you’re a feminist reporter, you’re not reading this blog or interested in suggestions that might help you avoid public humiliation.

5.  If you’re a psychic/polygrapher, the answer is “whenever the spirits/polygraph machine confirm what the victim is telling you.”


1. Sobek - December 20, 2014

I would have written something sooner, except that I was too busy burning things down, using a gum wrapper and a battery. Now I have to lie low for a bit, so I might as well comment on the news.

2. sobek - December 21, 2014

Did you know you can’t castle out of check? I didn’t know that, and that’s why my son beat me at chess for the first time.

(I have to pretend I’m upset at losing to a little kid, but actually I’m really proud of him, and you should see him beaming at me.)

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