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Shoot or Don’t Shoot? January 9, 2015

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ballistics, Heroes.

Eye opening video.





1. Sobek - January 9, 2015

I admire that guy’s integrity, at the end of the clip.

2. Sobek - January 9, 2015

Right now there’s a controversy over a police shooting in Montana, and the dash-cam footage was just released to the public. Please note, the following video is not pleasant, and if you watch it thinking it’s pleasant, you will be in for a nasty surprise:

Also please note, the guy who got shot was a suspect in a shooting from the previous day, and had enough meth in his system to kill someone who hadn’t developed a habit over the course of several years. On the other hand, the victim’s mother says he was a good guy.

3. Sobek - January 9, 2015

Oh, and the Youtube comments on this are a treat.

4. lauraw - January 10, 2015

It is easy to second-guess the police because we all live in a television universe now, where in our imagination there simply MUST be some happy third way that doesn’t involve violence or death. So many people are one-generation removed from ordinary criminal violence, now. Law enforcement is a victim of its own success.

Do you think that anybody could sell the ‘unarmed man’ fraud to a society of people who regularly had to look out for cheats, thugs and highwaymen? Hardly.

What gets me about the Ferguson type protestors is this; many of them live in precisely the sort of neighborhood where they have witnessed things go from a pleasant sunny day, to WTF! in seconds.

They know there is often no third way. They know that some of their neighbors are dangerous to everybody. They have witnessed bad events that escalated quickly. But they are still more than willing to perpetuate this ‘unarmed man!’ fraud on the rest of society. Because it is helpful to their politics.

You know what caused the middle class to leave the cities? Not the criminal underclass. It was the politicization of the criminal underclass. That is the thing that caused the police and politicians to ignore our calls for help, and forced us to hotfoot out of there. The political clout of criminals. It chased us out of the cities then, and it endeavors to continue hounding us today.

5. Mr Black - January 10, 2015

The “organizer” showed some courage to agree to a demonstration that might not have worked out in the way that suited him, but I doubt very much if it will change his approach to shootings. His status in the community is dependent on him NOT seeing the truth of things and in pretending these black thugs are just humble choir boys shot for no good reason.

He’s certainly not going back into that community saying “well look guys, the police have a point…”. That’s the end of his status and power right there.

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