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Being a New Yorker Apparently Trumps Being a US Citizen January 14, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

From CNS News:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, said on Monday that giving identification cards to illegal aliens allows them to feel like citizens and enjoy some of the same benefits as actual citizens.

“We don’t want any of our fellow New Yorkers to feel like second-class citizens,” de Blasio was quoted as saying in a National Public Radio website article.

On this, de Blasio and I agree: I don’t want them feeling like second-class citizens either.

I don’t want illegal residents to feel like citizens at all.


1. OBF - January 15, 2015

Any research on what it will cost to provide the benefits associated with de Blasio’s largesse?

I am sooo looking forward to a government bailout of New York City – they make salsa there – or so I’m told.

2. ChrisP - January 15, 2015

I nominate DeCommunist for BrainDead MoFo of the week.
We don’t want any of our illegal aliens to feel like “Second Class Citizens.”
Bill, they are not ANY class citizens! They are illegals, you asshole!
They. Are. Not. Citizens…

3. Sobek - January 16, 2015

“Being a New Yorker Apparently Trumps Being a US Citizen”

You misspelled “Democrat voter.”

4. Sobek - January 16, 2015

If a government, by its words and actions, breeds contempt for the law, it forfeits all right and claim to outrage when its laws are treated contemptuously.

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