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A Few Words Concerning Our Departed Founder January 18, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

[This is not a eulogy – it’s more of a look back at Michael’s history at IB. I didn’t want to write a eulogy, because I suck at them. Turns out I suck at histories too. But I just couldn’t not write something.]

First, let me say that Michael’s service will be held on the 24th. Donations for flowers may be sent to DinTX via PayPal at his gmail account, which uses “goober” concatenated with “inTexas” as his user name. If those instructions are too obscure, you may object to the management (such as it is) in the comments. Any excess $$ will be donated to a Lutheran charity.

Second, let me say that this blog was started as a kind of joke back on March 29, 2006. We had all been hanging out at Ace of Spades HQ for several years, when WordPress and BlogSpot emerged as easy ways to create blogs. Brewfan Retired Geezer decided that Michael needed a blog, and so here we are.

Anyway, this is the first post by Michael.

Brewfan and skinbad are now both authorized  to comment on the main page of this site.  (This is not a real blog, and we are not bloggers, OK?  We are commenters.)

How I ended up sharing a site with a Calvinist and a Mormon is beyond me.  My Lutheran preacher daddy is spinning in his grave.

If any other veterans of BlogWisconsin would like to post here, feel free to send me an email.  You need to set up a WordPress account and activate it by entering a password.  All I need to know is your UserID (which is case sensitive).

Or, if you’re Civetta, you may submit the 13-page application form, along with notarized affidavits from three community leaders attesting to your high moral standards and virtuous character.

New blog name will be forthcoming in a few days when Brew, skinny and I have a chance to discuss it.  Thanks for all the great suggestions.

And now, a poignant moment:

Minerva: “Register for both yourself and your son.”

-Uncomfortable pause-

Batman: “Although I’d be proud if he were, this is not my son, this is Robin the Boy Wonder.”

That always chokes me up.

Though it started as a joke, Michael took to blogging like a peeper to a window, and he quickly created a formula for success: Lots of graphics (all centered, of course), lots of humor, lively conversation (he tried to make sure that every comment was answered by somebody), and promotion of key posts. It worked really, really well until he stopped blogging a couple of years ago.

Here are his top 10 posts, which I think typify his style. I’ll also mention that only one of my 800 posts on this blog has enough hits to break into Michael’s top 10. Do you know how humiliating it is getting your butt kicked by a 7-year-old picture of an fricking shark? Michael thought his hit stats were hilarious, especially when compared to all my unemployment posts. I’ll bet he’s laughing right now at how his knock-off gummi bear post has twice the hits of anything I’ve ever written. Ha. Ha. Ha.

How To Use Tomatoes 180,995
The Four Chord Song 141,121
Fisherman Nets Shark 200 km from Sea 129,095
Hookers Union Sues Amsterdam City Hall 120,719
Gummi Bear Scandal Exposed 63,059
Bless You, Louis Réard 55,230
Good News From South Korea 46,311
Snow Storm Worries 38,019
Topless Swedish Women Fight for Equal Rights 35,483
What Do You Think This Is? 26,962

Unfairness of life and blogging aside, I really miss Michael’s wit and intelligence – he imprinted his personality upon this blog and made it the success it once was. Without him, the blog withered and many readers wandered off. I fear for its future, but I’ll tell you this: I don’t know about my cobloggers, but I’m committed to write posts until the end of the blog’s 9th year. I think Michael deserves it.

After that, we’ll see.


1. Jimbro - January 18, 2015

Thanks Geoff. I’ve been waiting for a “greatest hits” post. Hopefully it moves to a permanent spot on the top menu.

2. Sobek - January 18, 2015

Wait, there was a post called, “Farewell, Sobek”? I guess that one didn’t take…

3. Cathy - January 19, 2015

Thanks so much Geoff for posting this one. I had the ‘assignment’ from Michael’s pastor to write his obit. I’d been struggling to get it done — not for lack of ‘material’ on the guy — but more because I felt like I was almost too close.

But you helped me put it all together. Squishy Hugs!

4. Tushar - January 19, 2015

Thanks for this post, Geoff.
When I last saw Michael in Dallas, I had no idea it would be the last time.
I miss him.

5. lauraw - January 19, 2015

For a very brief time before there was IB, there was ‘anycomments?,’ a skeleton blog that Geezer set up so we could practice using wordpress or whatever. Then IB launched later. Geezer at a later date bestowed the anycomments blog & identity over to me and I did absolutely nothing with it. But even today if I want to blog here in IB, I do it under the anycomments identity.

If you go to that old wordpress blog now, just keep in mind that the top post refers to the fact that Michael had left anycomments to do his own blog, this one right here…so control your back shivers.


6. daveintexas - January 21, 2015

HI! Flowers ordered, thanks y’all!


7. davidjhovsepian - January 30, 2015

I’m sorry for your loss.
My heart goes out and I hope you guys many more long years of blogging.

8. geoff - February 1, 2015

Just noticed that the blockquote formatting was messed up, and much of Michael’s first blog post dangled outside the blockquote section. I apologize for the oversight.

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