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For Michael January 24, 2015

Posted by daveintexas in Art, Ballistics, Crime, Ducks, Handblogging, History, Honor, Man Laws, Mufuckin Pie!, Nature Shit, Philosophy.

the white

The flowers showed up 15 minutes before the service started. I think it would have driven Michael nuts, so that’s something. He was a bit of a planner and organizer.

My favorite Michael story with Cathy was about the first IB gathering, a Superbowl party at their home in Ohio. They were planning food for this big get together and for some reason they took my chili recipe from a post seriously.

That recipe was total bullshit. I loaded it up with insane hotness that no human would consume. Habanero, too many jalapenos, Tabasco, diesel fuel and some nuclear waste (even Tushar would have said “dude”).  I was just funning with everybody.  Anyway I was on my way to their house and Cathy called me and wanted to ask if she could tone down the habanero. I was completely confused.. tone down the what? For what?

And she said “your chili recipe”.

My chili recipe? What chili recipe? “From the blog post”.

A moment while driving on the interstate in Ohio.. then I remembered.  “You MADE THAT SHIT?”

Yes, it seemed a little hot so we were wondering if we could cut some of the peppers. I laughed.. “YOU CAN’T MAKE THAT IT WAS A JOKE. DON’T EAT THAT, IT’S PURE GASOLINE IT WAS A JOKE. RUN! CALL THE FD, GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER OUT IT’S TOXIC WASTE”

She said something about Michael wanting to make it for me (which could be a clue).

I think he actually liked supremely hot sauces more than me, he kept pimping that Marie whatever nuclear stuff all the time.

Anyway we all laughed about it and I remember drinking a beer with him later and telling him “I can’t believe you even made that shit” and all the while he kept insisting it seemed legit to him.

That was kind of our friendship. I loved tweaking him and seeing when I could get a rise out of him. Sometimes he’d take the bait, sometimes not. But we always laughed about it after. I’m gonna miss that.

These pics are purposefully not centered. Out of respect for the friendship he gave me. Which was huge.

the note


1. geoff - January 24, 2015

Thanks, Dave.

2. sobek - January 24, 2015

I love that story.

3. Retired Geezer - January 24, 2015

Thanks, Dave. I remember that Chili episode.
Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for all of us.
Card was perfect.

4. xbradtc - January 24, 2015

Great story, Dave. And thanks for representin’.

5. Mrs. Peel - January 24, 2015

The picture of Michael cupping Rosetta’s bosom was in the slideshow. It flashed up during one of the hymns, and Dave missed a whole verse shaking with suppressed laughter.

6. daveintexas - January 24, 2015

I did lose my shit over that one.. but I kept it silent and respecty!

7. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

I gave Michael a little shout-out on my show today.

I kind of just did it off the cuff, not a lot of forethought.

I am now kicking myself for not planning that better.

I missed both the “batman” and “happy birthday” references.

I will make up for that next week.


I am gonna miss messing with Michael. It was so much fun.

or should I say…

“quite” fun.

8. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

The picture of Michael cupping Rosetta’s bosom was in the slideshow.


I just have to wonder how those in Michael’s life who were not a part of this little world of ours reacted to stuff like that.

Although, if they really knew Michael, they probably just shook their heads, smile and murmered “yeah, that’s Michael.”

9. Mrs. Peel - January 24, 2015

Yeah, I wasn’t sure whether we should admit we were from the internet. There were actually quite a few meetup pictures in the slideshow and several IB items in the little display. And Cathy told several people that we were bloggers, so I figured it was safe.

The flowers were beautiful. Thanks, Dave.

10. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

I guess the best thing that has come out of this on-line life we started was that we made is that we made the effort to meet IRL.

Certainly worked out well for Weel and Peel. Hence little baby Aaron. I imagine it’s going to be a really fun story, telling him how Mommy and daddy met.

Rosetta and I (as well as the Ws) used to talk about that all the time. So weird that we were able to become such close friends when as little as 15 years ago, the chances of us meeting was basically nil.

11. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

and now I’ve lost two close friends (one of whom I never even met) in just a few years and it hurts.

12. daveintexas - January 24, 2015

No such thing as fake Internet friends. Not with us.

Including the hard stuff

13. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

No such thing as fake Internet friends. Not with us.

certainly not with you, my friend.

certainly not with you.

14. Mrs. Peel - January 24, 2015

I don’t know how well Will thinks it’s worked out when he can’t sleep because I keep rolling onto him. Haha.

Actually, I was very good last night and gave him space. But the hotel mattress was crappy, so we didn’t sleep very well. Looking forward to sleeping on our own bed tonight.

That ridiculous picture of Michael in the terrible Batman hat and IB sweatshirt was in the slideshow too, by the way.

15. Jazz - January 24, 2015

Beautiful tribute, Dave. The internet treats you unfairly. (wiser, on the other hand, it treats entirely too kindly). 😉 Blessings to and on all the friendships that have blossomed through the folks who crew this ship. You’re a very, very special lot.

16. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

(wiser, on the other hand, it treats entirely too kindly)

…says the greatest dance partner ever…..

17. wiserbud - January 24, 2015

Blessings to and on all the friendships that have blossomed through the folks who crew this ship.

Is there any greater legacy?

18. pajama momma - January 24, 2015

Love you and miss you, Batman

19. Sobek - January 24, 2015

I still wear my IB sweater sometimes. One day, maybe many years in the future, I’ll be walking in public and someone I’ve never met will say, “hey, you read Innocent Bystanders!?”

20. jam2 - January 24, 2015


21. Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere - January 24, 2015

Cool Story, Bro.

Made funnier by your reaction when you ate the spicy cheese at Michael and Cathy’s home in Texas.

I still laugh when I think of it.

But then I laugh when I think of the first time Wiser and I had a meal together. I thought they were gonna throw us out of that bar.

I should hie thee to a meatup this year….

22. BrewFan - January 24, 2015

Rest in Peace Michael. You won.

23. BrewFan - January 24, 2015

And thank you Dave. You are the best kind of friend.

24. LC Aggie Sith - January 25, 2015

Lovely memory, Dave. We are the better for you sharing it 🙂

25. TXMarko AKA Mark Glover - January 25, 2015

Rest In Peace, Michael. You brought coolness to the act of playing the clarinet.

26. daveintexas - January 25, 2015

Thanks Brew. I’m the kind that doesn’t borrow money, which is in fact the best kind of friend.

27. Lipstick - January 25, 2015

I’ve been gone and come back to this sad news.

Farewell Michael, my much-loved friend. It was an honor and a blast.

28. Noah Bawdy - January 25, 2015

God bless Michael, you will be missed.

29. Cathy - January 26, 2015

Thanks everyone — for all the special comments AND the beautiful flowers. Thanks so much!. When I saw them I started crying and Dave got a big hug out of it.

30. doc - January 26, 2015

Nice flowers. Good job, Mr. Intexas. Farewell, Batman.

31. Tushar - January 27, 2015

I am so glad I attended the Dallas meatup last year and got a chance to meet Michael one last time.

Farewell, Michael. And happy birthday.

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