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IB Fashion Tips: Today It’s Undies January 31, 2015

Posted by geoff in Fashion, News.

From time to time we at IB like to proffer some fashion advice, identifying those fashion options which clearly stand out above the humdrum, pedestrian garb to which we’re all normally limited. And all for you, dear reader.

Today we have a cosmically inspired pair of bikini briefs, which I think you’ll agree are worth every penny of the $18 required to acquire them:


Not impressed yet? Well look what happens when you turn out the lights:


I’d sure like to be a guardian of her galaxy, nyuk, nyuk.



1. skinbad - January 31, 2015

Only because it has to be done:

“Hey,honey–I think I see Uranus!”

2. Jimbro - January 31, 2015

“Hey, are those Klingons?”

3. Retired Geezer - January 31, 2015

Those look radioactive to me.

Better remove them, STAT.

4. Cathy - February 2, 2015

Once more, the Innocent Bystanders prove that it’s all about the comments. Thanks friends. I’m enjoying a chuckle.

5. Cathy - February 2, 2015

“Hey, the stars sure are out tonight!”

6. drakono - February 2, 2015

“Charging my Galaxy” used to mean plugging in your phone. Now it means lying half naked under a reading lamp.

7. skinbad - February 2, 2015

You could accessorize with an assteroid belt.

8. Retired Geezer - February 2, 2015

Skinbad shoots…. HE SCOOOORES!

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