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The Wonders of Obamacare February 10, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

So I just got around to looking at the Gallup poll data on health insurance. You know, the one everyone cites to show how great Obamacare is. The money quote from Gallup makes the rounds, and all the Obamacarians do high fives. Here’s the money quote:

The uninsured rate has dropped 4.2 percentage points since the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for Americans to have health insurance went into effect one year ago.

“4.2 percentage points” sounds like a lot, but it’s only about a quarter of the uninsured we had a year ago. I have to say that I’m not thrilled that they turned our insurance world upside down just to insure 25% of the uninsured. Doesn’t seem like the cost-benefit analysis really plays out.

But I was even less thrilled when I saw this:

InsuranceCoverageJan2015If I’m interpreting that correctly, we’ve only managed to bring the number of uninsured down from about 14.5% before the recession to about 13% today. That means that we’ve insured a mere 10% of people who didn’t have insurance before the recession.

Now for those who had insurance but lost it during the recession, there are two solutions: 1) fix the recession, or 2) subsidize their insurance. Naturally, the President and his administration chose the stupid solution.



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