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When you see wrong, do you try to fix it? February 21, 2015

Posted by digitalbrownshirt in News.

I think I could probably type out a sob story about why this man deserves your help. It would certainly be true, but I’m way too stoned on Valium and Hydrocodone to make any kind of sense so I’m going to just ask you to read the link and if you feel like it’s worth a buck or two (I sent him $5) to help a retiree fight the fascist state of New Jersey. Seriously, the government crushes people because they’ve got a bottomless pit of money that they steal from the taxpayers in order to use it against those same taxpayers for not worshipping the government tit.

Long story short New Jersey wants to send a 72 year old retired high school teacher to prison for a mandatory 3 1/2 years (no parole) for being in possession of a 300 year old single shot flintlock pistol. According to New Jersey it’s a felony, just like rolling around with a .50 Desert Eagle on your hip.

If we didn’t have that pesky 2nd Amendment does anybody believe that both the Republicans and the Democrats would be lining up to flush the rest of your Bill of Rights down the toilet?


1. Cathy - February 21, 2015

This makes me wanna cry.

2. digitalbrownshirt - February 21, 2015

The more I read about the case the more it sounds like the local police are running a smear campaign to cover up their own stupidity. They claim all sorts of drug related charges, but the only one they actually charge the guy with is having a 300 year old flint lock in his car.

3. Violet Gold - February 21, 2015

Why can’t any of the “innocent bystander” posts be redirected to Facebook? I think you should address this immediately. Thank you.

4. geoff - February 21, 2015

I don’t really know what you’re trying to do or why it doesn’t work.

*nods with satisfaction*

There – immediately addressed.

5. Mr Black - February 21, 2015

When ordinary citizens are shooting down the agents of the state in broad daylight, we’ll see some reform. That day cannot come soon enough.

6. digitalbrownshirt - February 22, 2015

Thanks to my suddenly “fixed” income I’m only able to give $5, but I’ll give $5 per payday until his case is closed or my back is healed enough to get back to work full time. I’m also passing on his story to people I know that care about justice, The Bill of Rights and who are more able to help him than I can now. Hopefully there’s still enough justice left in this world so that Gordon Van Gilder might see justice while he’s still in this world.

7. vaitguy - February 26, 2015

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