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American Policy for American People March 21, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

[This is likely to be my last post for this blog (#837!), as we prepare to shelve it upon the completion of its ninth year of existence. More on this tomorrow from Mrs. Peel, I hope.]

We are citizens of a global society, and we have responsibilities to that society. But we are also citizens of our nation, our states, our cities, and our communities. And we have responsibilities to all of those, too. Not to mention our responsibilities to our families and friends. And, of course, to ourselves.

So saying that we’re citizens of a global society is kind of meaningless, since we’re citizens of a variety of governmental and social structures, at all sorts of scales, and with different relationships to each one. The real question is: what are our priorities among all of those relationship?

Do I spend a dollar on my kid’s lunch, on a local homeless guy’s lunch, or on a starving African child’s lunch?

For conservatives, I believe that the answer is clear: fix your own problems before you worry about other peoples’ problems. And that’s a philosophy we expect to be exercised at the state and national levels as well. The President of the United States should make it his priority to take care of the American people first, before spending time and resources on others.

Before you grant executive amnesty to illegal immigrants, for example.

The executive amnesty debacle clearly illustrates that the President prioritizes the interests of non-citizens over those of citizens. Why? Because his first allegiance is to global society, and not to our nation.

Liberal pundits have long been bewildered by the popularity of Sarah Palin. She’s shallow on policy and says many unfortunate things – how can she appeal to the Right? The simple answer is that voters on the Right know that in her heart, Sarah Palin wants the same America they want, and that she’ll fight to make that America a reality. It’s her first priority.

But President Obama? It’s not clear that he wants an America at all.


1. Retired Geezer - March 22, 2015

That was a pretty good one for the finale.

Thanks for all the fine posts, geoff.

2. geoff - March 22, 2015

Thanks, RG. And thanks for helping keep the fires burning here for so long.

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