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Old Friends March 24, 2015

Posted by wiserbud in Family, Love.

(I know I’m not exactly a main commenter here, but since I still had rights (See, Michael? I promised you I wouldn’t abuse them!), I thought I would share just a few of my thoughts on the end of IB.)

This place….

So many memories… So much fun and so much love. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and read some of the old threads here, to laugh at all the lame and not-so-lame jokes, but more importantly to remember. To remember the good times during so much bad. To see the names of those who have gone before us, all too soon.

To see the friends bicker and banter and tease each other. Like friends do. And to see these very same friends express support, caring, and love for each other in so many small ways. Sharing with each other, remembering the little things, as well as the epic.

I’m going to miss this place. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you, sharing so many laughs. I’ve always thought it was insanely cool how our two blogs evolved into something like bookends. We were different, but we were two sides of the same coin. (As an aside I have always found it interesting, at the meet-up on the CT River, how the H2ers and the IBers arranged themselves around the picnic table by blog, one crew on one side, one on the other. Cracked me up when that happened.)

So here’s to old friends. Those who are still with us and those who, while gone, still hold a very special place in our hearts.

I’m gonna miss this place.

L to R: H2, IB



1. Jim - March 24, 2015

Wait, what? I’m running out of places to lurk these days.

I’ve been around since Allahpundit was funny, and the early days at Ace’s. I still have the Ace o’ Spades T-shirt somewhere. I must say it has been a pleasure reading what you folks have written, thanks for making the effort. I’m also taken back by how many people I’ve seen pass these last 14 years. Michael, AcidMan, Neptunus Lex…almost as many as I’ve lost in my family over the same time. Felt like I knew more about some people I’d never met than ones I’d grew up with.

We should all be so lucky to have such good friends.

There’s nothing good on the internet anymore (throws mouse across room).

Just one more rant from WickedPinto, is that too much to ask?

Thanks for sharing your creativity, all of you.

2. Jimbro - March 24, 2015

Best “L to R: H2, IB” ever.

3. Retired Geezer - March 24, 2015

Thanks, WB. You’re one of the people that I’m sorry I never got to meet.

Your picture of the two kids hugging kinda got to me for some reason.

4. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

Thanks, WB. You’re one of the people that I’m sorry I never got to meet.

right back atcha, RG. Let’s fix that someday soon.

5. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

For Geoff:


British Indian Ocean Territory – need it
Caribbean Netherlands – need it
Central African Republic – need it
Chad – got it (of course we do)
Christmas Island – need it
Comoros – need it
Cook Islands – got it
Equatorial Guinea – got it
Guinea-Bissau – need it
Nauru – need it
Norfolk Island – need it
North Korea – GOT IT!!!!!
Saint Barthelemy – need it
Saint Helena – need it
Saint Martin – got it
Sao Tome and Principe – got it
Saint Maarten – need it
South Sudan – need it
Svalbard – need it
Tokelau – need it
Tuvalu – need it
Wallis and Futuna – need it

6. daveintexas - March 24, 2015

If it weren’t for this place I don’t think I ever would have met WB.

*shakes fist*


7. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

heh heh heh.

good one, michael…..

8. BrewFan - March 24, 2015

Thanks for the post, wiserbud. I have had the pleasure of meeting you and much to my surprise you turned out to be a normal, funny, caring person. Except for the blow-up monkey thing. That was kinda weird. Anyway, all seriousness aside, has this S&G song ever been covered? *runs like the wind*

9. Sobek - March 24, 2015

If WB ever goes to camp geezer, let me know so I can invite myself over, too.

10. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

has this S&G song ever been covered? *runs like the wind*

I searched and I searched, but I could not find any covers of that song.

Seriously, I tried.

Considering that this is the place where The Theory was born….

11. Retired Geezer - March 24, 2015

That song was covered by a North Korean Girl Band.
That’s how H2 got that elusive flag.

12. Piercello - March 24, 2015

Thanks for the vicarious ride, from an inveterate lurker.

13. daveintexas - March 24, 2015

>> much to my surprise you turned out to be a normal, funny, caring person

Yeah he didn’t try to get you curb-stomped by 400 pissed off union postal workers

14. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

>>>Yeah he didn’t try to get you curb-stomped by 400 pissed off union postal workers

Yeah, like you can find 400 NON-pissed off union postal workers anywhere

15. daveintexas - March 24, 2015


16. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

What do you have against vodka?

17. daveintexas - March 24, 2015

Let’s pour some Stoli on the strawman and light up a couple Luckies

18. wiserbud - March 24, 2015

You never let me have any fun.

19. geoff - March 24, 2015

Thanks for posting, Wiser – I stupidly didn’t alert you to this whole blog-closing thing because I kind of forgot you were an author. Glad you made it despite me.

Heard this on a trance album, and thought it kind of applied to IB and H2:

There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there’s insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity.

20. mare - March 25, 2015

Amazing the time and the people that have passed through.

21. MJ - March 25, 2015

You people make me sick.

And by you people I mean you people. And by sick I mean happy.

22. daveintexas - March 25, 2015

>> You never let me have any fun.

Fun is for fags. And by fags I mean you.

But this post was nice of you.

I don’t understand the unsanitary circle thing Geoff but it sounds like vagina.

23. tmi3rd - March 25, 2015

Hi guys-

I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, but many of you have been online friends of mine for a long time, and I’ve met a bunch of you at one particularly good Moron Meetup in CT, among others.

Hate to see this place go, but thanks for being a part of my life through about thirteen moves and over a decade!

24. Retired Geezer - March 25, 2015

Thank you all Lurkers for dropping by and saying farewell.

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