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Land of Confusion May 26, 2015

Posted by Sobek in News.

[Please note, the following is not a post.  That should be obvious, because IB was shut down like four months ago or something.  So whatever you’re about to read, it is certainly not a post.]

Not too long ago, I was listening to the radio, and I heard the song Land of Confusion, by Genesis.  Here’s a reminder, in case you have a brain condition that keeps you from remembering awesome things:

Now I’ve always liked that song.  I like it even though the video makes it perfectly clear that Phil Collins et alia are a bunch of Commie Nazis who need to go back to whatever country they came from (Soviet Germany?  Something like that).  I like it because it’s a great tune, and I can usually ignore stupidity from movies and music.  And Collins’ idiocy is easier to laugh away in retrospect, knowing that Reagan never nuked anyone (nope, Democrats still own that distinction).  Also, those puppets are hilarious.

Also also, and here we’re getting to the whole reason I’m typing this, I’m charmed by Collins singing, in 1986, “I won’t be coming home tonight/my generation will put it right/we’re not just making promises/we know we’ll never keep.”  Hah hah you poor, naive mutant.  There’s no way you could have possibly known, in 1986, that the hippie movement was completely discredited and no one believed that We Are The World crap anymore (exception: the people who sang “We Are the World” in 1985).  It’s the same reason I don’t get too bothered by ’60s music.  Sure, it was dangerously naive and stupid, but hippies can’t be blamed for hipping, so whatever.

But that’s not where this non-post ends, good chums.  No, because in 2005, post-grunge rock outfit Disturbed made a cover of the song.  I actually kinda like that one, too, in spite of the fact that Disturbed is pretty much useless, because even though it’s Disturbed doing the cover, at least they’re doing “Land of Confusion,” so there’s at least one point in their favor.

For comparison purposes:

As lenient as I’m willing to be with Phil Collins failing to realize he wrote his song 20 years too late, it’s much harder to be forgiving towards Disturbed.  Not only was their cover about ten years too late, the laughable line “my generation will put it right” is forty years behind the times.  Phil Collins’ generation didn’t fix squat.  You mean to tell me, whoever is the lead singer for Disturbed (I’m not going to look up the dude’s name), that your generation is finally going to figure it out?  No.  Your generation listens, inexplicably, to bands like Disturbed.  They vote for idiots like Obama.  They’re not going to fix anything.  Certainly not through some naive idea that a catchy song can get monstrous tyrants to change their minds about bloodthirstiness or tyranny.


1. geoff - May 26, 2015

A non-comment for a non-post: what was up with Phil Collins and the drum machine? You’d think he would have cut off his hands before he resorted to that.

Also, Genesis wasn’t too bad.

2. Sobek - May 26, 2015

“I’m a professional drummer. I think I’ll push some buttons on a machine, because that’s just as good.”

3. Retired Geezer - May 26, 2015

Genesis wasn’t too bad, they gave us one of my favorite groups, Mike and the Mechanics.

4. lauraw - May 26, 2015

Weird, I was just taking about this song with some coworkers the other day. Huh.

Too bad this commenting site is shut down and we can’t hang out here anymore, commenting.

I’ll put something up about that, later this week.

5. daveintexas - May 26, 2015

Just smiles lots and lots

6. daveintexas - May 26, 2015


Lead singer drummers. I can think of Henley and Collins

7. geoff - May 26, 2015

Unfortunately Collins’ career was doomed after he covered “Can’t Hurry Love.”

8. Retired Geezer - May 26, 2015

Dave stole Henley from me so I gotta go with a lead singer drummer who had two names.
Peter Hoorelbeke a.k.a. Peter Rivera
Name the group.

9. Sobek - May 27, 2015

I like his cover of Can’t Hurry Love.

10. skinbad - May 27, 2015

Whoever the Romantics drummer is?
“You make me feel all rieeeet.”

11. lauraw - May 27, 2015
12. Sobek - May 27, 2015

The drummer for the Monkees sang lead for “I’m a Believer.”

13. Retired Geezer - May 27, 2015

The ‘first’ all-white band that was signed by Motown, Rare Earth.
I love the Flute solo in this song… except it was done by the keyboard player.
Stick around for the realistic flute solo at 3:30, it even has the breathy ‘Jethro Tull’ type overblows.

14. Retired Geezer - May 27, 2015

Lauraw, that lightning strike guy probably lives less than 5 miles from me. We’ve been to the area where he was struck.

15. skinbad - May 27, 2015

He should have been holding a one iron.

16. daveintexas - May 28, 2015

Holy shit

17. wiserbud - May 31, 2015

I take a few days off from the internets…

and suddenly…

I feel this strange urge….

someone is discussing cover songs…

On IB?

But NO! It’s not possible! IB is no more!

But yet………


18. wiserbud - May 31, 2015

On topic:

Let’s cut these “artists” some slack here. It doesn’t exactly require being a Mensa candidate to be a successful musician.

If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal. – Alice Cooper

19. Retired Geezer - May 31, 2015

Uh, did anybody else notice Wiser’s new avatar?
Some sort of makeover?
Kinda makes me feel funny down there.

20. geoff - June 1, 2015


I knew if I mentioned covers, Wiser would appear. It’s a Level 2 summoning spell for demonic DJs.

21. geoff - June 1, 2015

…unless “DJ” doesn’t include “talk radio host,” in which case i maybe mislabeled my scrolls.

22. lauraw - June 1, 2015

He’s a DJ. Works at a record store.

23. BrewFan - June 3, 2015

MC Wiserbud

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