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Acquiring All the Tools and Trappings of a Dystopian World May 29, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Read this description of the mechanical hounds from Fahrenheit 451 (courtesy of Cliff’s Notes):

…the Mechanical Hound is a slick electronic hit man formed of copper wire and storage batteries and smelling of blue electricity. He is an omnipresent menace capable of storing “so many amino acids, so much sulphur, so much butterfat and alkaline” that he can inexorably trail the odor index of ten thousand victims to their doom. From his snout projects a “four-inch hollow steel needle,” which can inject enough morphine or procaine to quell a rat, cat, or chicken within three seconds.

…the Mechanical Hound has been programmed (by the government) to avenge and punish citizens who break society’s rules. The ones who are not loyal to the rules must especially be punished, and the Hound serves as the enforcer of these rules.

Now watch this:


1. lauraw - May 29, 2015

Good God, that thing needs a cuteness makeover.

2. Retired Geezer - May 30, 2015

Will those be available in Red?

(asking for a friend)

3. daveintexas - May 30, 2015

Remember this moment when they breach the last defenses of the last living human beings on the planet

4. Mr Chumpo - May 31, 2015

Those things are sweet. We should train ’em to get all stampy on bad stuff and junk.

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