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Bacteria – Is There Anything They Can’t Do? June 3, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Science is just starting to appreciate the importance of bacteria on health, and improving that understanding is starting to overturn long-standing medical paradigms. Today we hear that bacteria may be responsible for Type 2 diabetes:

Scientists at the University of Iowa found that prolonged exposure to a toxin produced by the S.aureus bacteria causes rabbits to develop insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and systemic inflammation.

Professor Patrick Schlievert, who led the study, said: ‘We basically reproduced type 2 diabetes in rabbits simply through chronic exposure to the staph superantigen.

Apparently these bacteria colonize the skin of people who are overweight, the bacteria excrete these toxins as waste products, and your system goes haywire.

Think I’ll go pop another acidopholus pill.


1. Piercello - June 3, 2015


2. vaitguy - June 3, 2015

Damn indeed.

3. lauraw - June 3, 2015

A couple of my courses last semester mentioned a link between gut flora and obesity, as well.

Apparently, if you inoculate a fat person’s intestines with a thin person’s gut flora, the fat person begins to lose weight in a short while. The effect goes away, however.

It seems to go away because those gut flora also require a certain diet that supports their proliferation, and they cannot long survive on deep-fried twinkie sundaes.

Still, intriguing.

4. geoff - June 3, 2015

*nods understandingly*

So what you’re really saying is that something like the human centipede is what we need for continual weight loss.

*sits back, pleased with self for remarkable insight*

5. lauraw - June 3, 2015

That’s…not…what I…

*suddenly dashes away*

6. geoff - June 3, 2015

Dang, I was sure I was getting the hang of this medical stuff.

7. daveintexas - June 4, 2015

mmmmmm deep-fried twinkie sundaes

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