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This is Fascinating June 27, 2015

Posted by daveintexas in Ballistics, Crime, Economics, Handblogging, History, Literature, Man Laws, Mufuckin Pie!, Nature Shit, Philosophy, Politics, Sex, Sitemeter, slutbags, Stupid shit, Technology, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, WTF?.

And a little unnerving. A real time map of global cyber attacks.


1. historyupclose - June 27, 2015

I am skeptical but it sure is interesting!

2. Sobek - June 27, 2015
3. geoff - June 28, 2015

Yeesh. Time to make a private internet.

4. geoff - June 28, 2015

…which, by the way, I assign as Dave’s job, ‘cuz like, he’s all ITish.

5. daveintexas - June 29, 2015

I used to be techie

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