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Because They’re So Peaceful… July 6, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Iran Pushes for End to Arms Embargo in Nuke Deal


1. Sobek - July 7, 2015

Know what? I think Amy Schumer is hilarious. So when some liberal nitwit told Jerry Seinfeld to be more like Amy, I was really bummed about that. When I heard she’s becoming something of a feminist icon, that was worse.

But then, I heard that feminists were starting to turn on her. See, they knew she was gaining some followers,and she’s a woman, so – reasoned the lefties – everything she says must reinforce liberal orthodoxy. Then they started listening to what she actually had to say, and found out she sometimes makes fun of them, too. So now, from what I hear, some of the lefties are turning on her.

Some of that rage, Im going to assume, is coming from feminists who are angry that they are uglier than Schumer.

Anyway, I’m glad they’re turning on her, because that means I can enjoy her comedy that much more. Not that I didn’t like it before. Because when I listen to a comedian, my primary concern isn’t about whose politics are being skewered, it’s whether or not the comedian is actually funny.

2. daveintexas - July 8, 2015

The toughest part of the Iran negotiations is the White House persuading Americans to say “ah fuck it, Iran’s gettin nukes”

3. lauraw - July 8, 2015

Actually, that seems like the easiest part, Dave. You hearing a lot of static? I’m not.

4. Sobek - July 9, 2015

I’m very interested in seeing a Geoff post about China some time soon.

5. geoff - July 10, 2015

geoff’s very interested in work cutting him some slack and allowing him to post anything at all.

6. lauraw - July 10, 2015

Laura thinks geoff’s use of the third person is grumpy and funny.

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