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The End of the Boy Scouts, the Beginning of Scouting for Boys July 13, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

[Title’s probably been used by like, a zillion people, but I haven’t seen it, so…]

I was once camping out with the Boy Scouts, when my tentmate started regaling me with stories of gay encounters among scouts. It was everywhere, he said, even in our troop.

I didn’t pay much attention, except to edge my sleeping bag away from him a bit, mainly because I thought at the time that gay people were a myth.

Years later, much the wiser, I thought back to my days in scouting and realized that at least 3 guys in my very own troop were gay and doing the nasty while I slept, blissfully unaware. The guys I’m thinking of didn’t ever seem to have that much interest in the normal part of scouts, but only in scouting could they regularly go on parent-sanctioned campouts where they could pretty much define their own sleeping arrangements without adult interference.

That history, anecdotal though it may be, leads me to believe that the Boy Scouts’ decision to allow gay leaders is going to blow up in their faces like the priests of the Catholic Church. While I believe that the latter incidents have been blown out of proportion, the fact remains that some priests abused their position of trust and authority to have sex with boys.

I think the Boy Scouts is going to have the same experience, and the first lawsuit filed will signal the end of the scouting tradition.


1. Jimbro - July 13, 2015

As an Eagle Scout this news saddened me. As much as I don’t want this to be true, I think your assessment is dead on.

2. Cathy - July 13, 2015

Very sad.

3. geoff - July 25, 2015

That didn’t take long:

Four former North Jersey Boy Scouts who are suing the national organization over alleged abuse by their troop leader have won the release of secret “perversion files”
…a trove of secret files on leaders and volunteers nationwide who had been accused of sexual misconduct. Some 20,000 pages of internal documents revealed a staggering coverup in the hallowed institution; in more than a third of the 1,200 cases from 1965 to 1985, police were not informed about reports of abuse, according to the Scouts’ own tally.

Shades of the Roman Catholic church.

When I wrote the post, all I knew was the rumors and my personal experience, but looks like there’s really a pretty sordid history that’s been covered up by the Boy Scouts.

Now that they’re welcoming gay leaders, I can’t imagine that their problems are going to decrease.

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