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Bugs vs. Men July 14, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

I don’t live in a city because I don’t want to live like a bug. I live in the suburbs because I can live like a human, with other humans who feel the same way. And I’ve got aspirations: the hope that someday I can move into a gated community with a mongo house and pool and live the country club lifestyle (one of many aspirations, I’ll admit, none of which are particularly close to being realized).

So the idea of HUD exporting bug-style living (high density housing) to suburban communities, and destroying local zoning laws, doesn’t have much appeal to me.

I mean, the point of living in suburbia is to live in a low traffic area with: no fighting for parking; short lines at stores; adequate property tax base for schools, fire & police; low crime; and a high regard for respecting and maintaining property. A safe, well-kept, low-stress lifestyle.

People who want to slap high density housing into that environment are just destroying the environment, not helping the refugees from the cities. Past experiments have shown that expatriates from bugville don’t fare well when dropped into suburbia – they don’t fit in, don’t understand the culture, and aren’t happy to be away from their friends and neighborhoods.

And the income disparity is a problem. I wouldn’t move to my dream gated community even if someone handed me a house there, because I don’t have the income to hang with those folk. I’d just feel uncomfortable and inadequate. That, I suspect, is the same feeling that low income people would feel when they’re dropped into middle-class suburbia.

Lastly, there’s good old “pride of ownership.” You see that phrase in real estate ads all the time, and I’ve always wondered if it really meant anything. But in this context it does seem to apply: it’s an inescapable truth that people don’t’ value things that are given to them as much as things that are earned. You can see this in public housing all over the country. Not really compatible with the “white picket fence” mentality, which implies maintenance and regular painting of that fence.

This policy is not only a federal intrusion on the rights of local government, but is rank communism as well. The feds are requiring local government to fund low-income housing for people who aren’t currently part of their communities. Basically they’re taking from those who have, and importing have-nots to receive the takings.

Exporting the bug lifestyle and forcing suburbs to pay for the ruin of their own lifestyle is the sort of evil communistic genius that didn’t exist in this country until we elected a community organizer as president.


1. jam2 - July 15, 2015

not really germane to bug-stuff, or federally promoted intrusion into our freedom of association (aka: buggery):

it’s not a black mamba –

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