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Maybe Shooting Hilary Into Space Ain’t Such a Bad Idea July 16, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

From Ace:

Clinton says she wanted to be an astronaut as a teen & wrote to NASA, which wrote back and said “thank you v much we’re not taking girls.”

Either she’s lying, or she doesn’t have the stick-to-itiveness of these other US astronauts, all of whom were born in the 40’s:

  • Shannon Lucid, b. January 14, 1943
  • Millie Hughes Fulford, b. December 21, 1945
  • Mary L. Cleave, b. January 26, 1947
  • —- Insert Hilary Here, b. October 26, 1947 —-
  • Margaret Rea Seddon, b. November 6, 1947
  • Bonnie J. Dunbar, b. March 3, 1949
  • Judith Resnick, b. April 5, 1949
  • Anna Lee Fisher, b. August 24, 1949

I doubt NASA wrote that letter, but even if they did, a lot of women managed to succeed where Hilary simply gave up.

Whining instead of doing. That pretty much captures the essence of Hilary’s career.


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