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Flying Over Pluto July 17, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Ace often asks, “Is this something?” Well, this animation of the surface of Pluto is something.

Amid the constant drum of our disasters, foreign and domestic, this sort of achievement seems all the more miraculous.


1. geoff - July 17, 2015

Can’t get the fershlugginer thing to embed. Oh well, you’ll just have to click through – it’s well worth it.

2. geoff - July 17, 2015

Ah – that’s better.

3. Mr. Matamoros - July 17, 2015

That animation is super cool. I love technology!

4. Sobek - July 17, 2015

So beautiful. I love it.

5. Sobek - July 17, 2015

With all the painting I’ve been doing recently, I thought it might be fun to paint some astronomy stuff, probably some planetary nebulae or something. But I doubt I could make it work with water color.

6. lauraw - July 18, 2015

You’ll never know until you try.

7. Sobek - July 19, 2015

That’s what I said about heroin, and I really regret that.

8. lauraw - July 19, 2015

What? I thought you said you LOVE heroin. “I do it all the time, as often as I can.”

I do not understand you, man.

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