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No Growth in Exports Over Last 3 Years August 5, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

You never know whether to laugh or cry with this president. I mean, it’s funny that he thought he could promise to double exports in 5 years, leaving exports going WTF? And it’s funny that he completely blew it, only getting a third of the way there by the target date. And it’s funny that even after he failed to keep his promise, he continues to fail miserably.

But it’s so sad that everything he touches turns to poop:



1. Cathy - August 5, 2015

I’m done blaming the Poop-Making Midas. He is a habitual liar and long ago proved it to me. He will lie about anything — even if it would not matter a hill of beans IF he lied. He lies to be arrogant — to show his power over others — he can lie and few will stand up to him. Those who try to stand up to him get blasted by the media and other libs. That kind of lying is a mental-emotional disorder.

I blame those who have had the power to DO something about him long ago and did nothing. I’m headed out today to purchase and read “Plunder and Deceit” by Mark Levin. Recommended reading — buy an extra copy or two for grown children and close friends.

Can’t get much angrier and won’t waste the energy. It’s time to protect selves and families as much as possible, or maybe hunker down and just wait for the crap-storm.

About 6 years ago I asked a friend in the know if he was investing in gold, silver, or real estate, and if he had any recommendations. His one word answer was ammo.

2. skinbad - August 5, 2015

The local W-Mart still can’t keep .22 ammo on the shelf. I was recently talking to some guys about this and one mentioned that he used to work at a hardware store in the area and an older lady from Germany who had been a child there during the war used to come in and buy a box of .22 ammo every month. He finally asked her why and she said she had learned that it was possible to feed yourself and your family if you had it, and because it became impossible to get in Germany, it became one of the most valuable things to have.

Commence (continue) hoarding!

3. Sobek - August 5, 2015

I’m not saying anything about a whole industry, but I do know there are some Invest In Gold companies out there that are completely crooked. Caveat Emptor, please.

My phone figured out I was trying to spell “caveat,” but couldn’t guess the next word I wanted. My phone is dumb.

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