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Both Activities Have Their Merits August 19, 2015

Posted by skinbad in Family, Humor, Literature, Man Laws.

So I clicked on a little news-nothing from Good Morning America about a boy who damaged a library book when it fell out of his bed after he went to sleep while reading. He sent a nice apology note to the library. While watching the clip, the captions were running and it went by kind of fast and I thought–“Did that say what I thought it did?” So, replay, pause, and screenshot. Nice job, GMA. He’ll probably appreciate the encouragement one day.

GMA advice


1. Sobek - August 21, 2015

I don’t know, man. Is vandalism genetic?

2. Mark in NJ - August 21, 2015

Keep breeding? How old did they say he was?

3. lauraw - August 21, 2015

gotdam homeschoolers brainwarshin the littluns

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