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Obama and Our Racial Festering August 8, 2015

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President Barack Obama, December 2014:

…we have to recognize that issues of racial prejudice and discrimination, they’re embedded deeply in society, and they don’t transform overnight, but each successive generation, what we’ve seen in America is we’ve seen improvement.

Well, we used to see improvement until a certain “racial-healing” president came on the scene:


[Via ZeroHedge]

Flawless Failure August 8, 2015

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Once upon a time there was a United States president who would say anything, so long as it made him look good. He’d lie, he’d brag, and he’d make unrealistic promises that he had no power to keep. In the latter case, there were his promises to double exports in 5 years (fail!!) or put a million electric cars on the road by 2015 (fail!!) or create 5 million green jobs (failing!!) or…

…add 1 million manufacturing jobs by September 2016. Here’s your fail:


He’s running about 300,000 jobs behind at this point, with just over a year to go.

Colonel Jerry August 7, 2015

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Many years ago, before IB exploded on the blogging scene and changed history forever, many of us hung out at AoSHQ. And during those days at AoSHQ, we had dozens of trolls, resulting in titanic arguments that could go on for days.

At one point a fellow using the moniker “Colonel Jerry” appeared, and he seemed to me to be kind of trollish, so I said some unkind things. Later it became apparent that he wasn’t a troll at all, but was a newb and a retired Marine, which explained why he came off a little odd in the threads.

Anyway, he apparently eventually took roost at SondraK’s, where they just posted an obituary notice for him. Which is a damned shame.

I think I apologized at the time, but I’ll say it again now: Col Jerry, thank you for your service and I’m sorry for not giving you a warmer welcome at Ace’s. If you were offended in the least at anything I said, it’s totally on me, and I apologize for it without reservation.

Cool pic of the Colonel at the link.

Another Month, A Little More Employment August 7, 2015

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The BLS just came out with the Employment Situation Report for the month of July. I don’t pay much attention to the Establishment Survey, because the BLS tweaks those quite a bit, and doesn’t distinguish between full- and part-time work. So as usual, I rely on the Household Survey, which gives us the now-standard chart of full-time employment over civilian non-institutional population:


Not too bad, but that little uptick this month is due mostly to male teens finding jobs. It does appear that the recovery pace for the past two years has been quite a bit faster than the years before, so it will only take us 4 or 5 years to get to where we were before the recession hit.

Unless we have another recession by then.

Because Sobek is the Boss of Me August 6, 2015

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I tried to put this in a comment, but couldn’t get it work, so here’s my take on Sobek’s calculus problem from the previous comment thread (it’s been 30 years since I did derivatives, so this could be off the rails):


The Easy Way to Longevity August 5, 2015

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A woman who has just celebrated her 110th birthday says she has a daily dose of three beers and a shot of whiskey to thank for her astonishing longevity.


So, to live twice as long….

No Growth in Exports Over Last 3 Years August 5, 2015

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You never know whether to laugh or cry with this president. I mean, it’s funny that he thought he could promise to double exports in 5 years, leaving exports going WTF? And it’s funny that he completely blew it, only getting a third of the way there by the target date. And it’s funny that even after he failed to keep his promise, he continues to fail miserably.

But it’s so sad that everything he touches turns to poop:


Giving Sobek Something to Chew On August 4, 2015

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