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Why is Trump Happening? September 4, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Same reason that Sarah Palin has been so popular. It may mystify libs, but basically people want a president who shares their values. Values like:

  • Putting America & Americans first in domestic policy
  • Putting America & Americans first in foreign policy
  • Putting America & Americans first in economic policy
  • Putting America & Americans first in military policy
  • Putting America & Americans first in immigration policy

It’s not very complicated. I don’t care for the man, nor do I think he’s presidential material, but I like his message: Put America & Americans First.

That’s why Trump is happening.


1. Cathy - September 4, 2015

Do you know which presidential candidate first used the phrase “make America great again” in his campaign speeches?

Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz was the first to announce his run. He knows and respects the law, the Constitution, and has proven that he is on board on these essential issues that you list, Geoff. These are Tea Party principles. And he truly cares about this stuff — it’s always been his passion. He doesn’t just put this stuff on for the camera and microphone. He is real.

Cruz has a long and strong track record — but many don’t know about it… yet. His supporters are constantly, gradually growing in the polls, but he hasn’t gotten the press and attention that Trump has. Cruz has always been a tea party guy through and through and has been practicing tea party ideals long before we started gathering and calling ourselves the tea party. And we were the first to support him up here is Texas. Cruz doesn’t have the same swagger or charm that has gotten Trump so much attention and support — but that might be a good thing.

And Trump and Cruz are good friends, so watch what happens.

I think turning this country around will take a team of people. So… It’s okay with me that Trump kinda ‘stole’ the ‘make America great again’ theme. Good for him. He has planted the IDEA in people — and honestly — that is what we need right now. People need to see someone standing up to tyrants and gossips. Trump resonates with deep core values and ideals that MOST of us hold.

I think Trump is fascinating. I used to roll my eyes at the mention of him. I NEVER watched him on that TV show. But I like how he has become a lightening rod for the hot issues — and I’ve come to see him as much sharper and sweeter than I thought. He will stomp into things with hip boots on and come out of it fine — not squeaky clean — but he doesn’t care — and that is what makes him an amazing leader.

Yup! I said leader.

I’ve been a Cruz supporter and still am. HOWEVER, I’m open to others who prove to me that they will pay attention to their duty under the Constitution, and consider America and Americans first. But whoever wins the nomination will need a team that supplements the qualities and complements basic principles that will get us back on track. Who will be that team? That’s gonna be the interesting part, I think.

I giggle with delight that Jeb, Christie, and a host of others are falling on their faces in the polls. It is showing me that we the people are not falling for that kind of crap anymore — and that scads of money thrown into marketing and advertising isn’t gonna work this time. I also smile watching the success of Fiorina and Carson — those who have not held public office.

Many of you guys know I’m Christian. I’ve been “praying for a Godly Nation” every night at 8:00 p.m. Texas time for a few years now. I set my alarm for it. I got the idea from something sent to me by a Christian friend inviting me to do this every night. This movement was inspired by a similar one started in England during World War II before the United States entered the war. Brits all over stopped what they were doing at the same time each day for just a moment every day and prayed for their country.

If you are a praying person, I invite you to join us at 9:00 pm Eastern, 8:00 pm Central, 7:00 pm Mountain, and 6:00 pm Pacific time, take your pick :-). It just takes a few seconds or less than a minute. I’m guessing there are millions of us doing this now but I have no way to measure it. I just do it.

I believe it is working. I see good things. I continue to be fascinated with what is happening and I have NEW HOPE that things will continue to turn around. And even if they don’t turn around the way I envision, I still see amazing good things happening, like…

Today here in Texas at 11:00 am there will be thousands if not millions of us joining the Police forces all over the State who will be turning on auto lights as we drive around, OR for those not driving, stopping to take a moment of silence. We will be honoring the slain Texas, Harris County Deputy, Darren Goforth, at the very moment that his funeral starts.

And many of our communities here in Texas are now planning fun community events to honor those who protect and defend us.

The bad guys don’t get to win. Period.

2. Sobek - September 4, 2015

Trump happens.

3. geoff - September 4, 2015

I don’t see Trump as president, but in my evilest fantasies I imagine him as Secretary of State. Bwahaha!

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