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The Power of the President: Squelching Exports for 4 Years September 6, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Many years ago our intrepid president patiently explained to his lackwit population that one of the key ways he was going to restore our economy was to double exports in 5 years. For those of you who aren’t faithful readers, we previously noted that the 5 year period was over last January, and exports were increased by a mere 31.5%.

But as sad as that outcome may have been, it’s even more depressing to look at what’s happened since:

ExportsRealityvsObamaAug2015Rather that doubling exports in 5 years (as President Bush did), the president has frozen them for 4 years.

It’s a feat no other president has accomplished.


1. geoff - September 6, 2015

Not that the president actually has a lot of control over exports anyway. But hey – he made the promise, so he gets the credit/blame.

2. Sobek - September 6, 2015

Cut him some slack. It’s not his fault he’s really, really dumb.

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