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Going to 5G September 8, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

This may affect your cell phone-buying plans:

Fast 4G data is only just becoming relatively commonplace in the US, but Verizon is already thinking about the next big thing. The carrier just unveiled plans to trial 5G wireless service sometime during 2016. There’s no mention of when it’s likely to deploy 5G in earnest, but the technology theoretically makes even modern-day LTE look pokey. You could get 50 times the peak bandwidth, under 10 milliseconds of lag and headroom for many more devices. In short, this is the cellular tech you’ve been waiting for — it nearly eliminates the gap in quality between landline internet access and your smartphone.

Based on the 4G rollout, where it was a little over a year between the first trial and the commercial launch, you’ll be wanting to get yourself a new cell phone sometime around the end of 2017/beginning of 2018.

So if you don’t want to have cellular sand kicked in your face, you should probably grab a state-of-the-art phone sometime in the next 6 months.


1. aliceaitch - September 8, 2015

It’s disappointing to me that they keep moving to higher speeds but have done away with unlimited bandwidth.

2. geoff - September 8, 2015

Hopefully they lighten up as the speeds increase?

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