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Best Teacher Slams September 12, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Reddit has a thread where people are relating the most awesome slams students received from their teachers. Most aren’t that great, but these two were decent:

In history class, we’re in the middle of an understandably somber section about the Holocaust and concentration camp conditions and one student decides it’d be the perfect time to fire off a Jewish joke.

The teacher just turned around slowly and said, “That’s impressive, [student.]”
“What’s impressive, Mr. S?”
“Well here I am talking about Mengele and Hitler, not to mention all of the other Nazis, and yet you somehow still managed to be the least likable person in today’s class.”

Student constantly skips class

Teacher: “Where’s Justin?”

Student: I can call him if you want.

Teacher: Do it.

calls Justin

Teacher: Hey, Justin where are you when you should be in my class?

Justin: (you can tell he’s a little freaked out) Uhhh.. McDonalds.

Teacher: Pick up an application.



1. Cathy - September 12, 2015

Precious. Glad there are teachers out there giving out these kinds of one-liners. Teachers have the opportunity to do amazing stand-up comedy and impress upon our students the right stuff.

Kudos and Hugs to GOOD Teachers.

I know plenty of ’em who deserve it.

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