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Rounding Errors September 12, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Since “micro” means one millionth, it appears that a “microaggression” is a millionth of an aggression.

When you’ve reduced aggressions to a millionth of their size, I think you can say “mission accomplished,” can’t you?

Unless, of course, you increase the sensitivity of your aggression detectors, so that people can take umbrage at smaller and smaller aggressions. It’s a sad fact that people can be trained to unlimited sensitivity, to the point where they can simply imagine aggressions which don’t even exist.

So trying to eliminate microaggressions will never work, because then they’ll complain about nanoaggressions and femtoaggressions and so on.

I think I’ll take the easier, more traditional route: just develop a thicker skin and encourage everybody to be reasonably nice, not unattainably perfect.


1. Cathy - September 12, 2015

You’re funny, Geoff.

Using that line of logic, how do you explain “Microeconomics?”

2. geoff - September 12, 2015

Microeconomics covers a pretty big size range (individuals to firms), say a range of 1 to 10,000 people. The economy of the US is driven by 350,000,000 people, which is a range of 350 million to 35,000 times larger. A factor of a million fits right in there.

3. Mark in NJ - September 13, 2015

How about microbrew?

4. geoff - September 13, 2015

Well aren’t you guys the troublemakers. But it will avail you not.

The first microbreweries in the UK (who originated the term) brewed about 5 barrels a year. Anheuser-Busch brewed 100 million barrels in North America in 2011. A-B has 12 breweries, so you can figure about 8 million per brewery. [This isn’t a bad estimate – the A-B brewery in Fort Collins makes 10 million per year.]

Again, a factor of a million.

5. Cathy - September 14, 2015

How about the micro-miniskirt?

6. geoff - September 14, 2015

I’ll need pictures, yes, lots of pictures, if I’m to evaluate that.

7. Cathy - September 14, 2015

Geoff, online guru.

Suggest search ‘micro mini skirt’ and calculate away.

Scientific observations result in one or more of the following:

* a peek at what is between the legs

* a little butt-cheek exposed

* and maybe — if you are really lucky — a tiny plumber’s crack

Evaluate, bro.

8. geoff - September 14, 2015

Pics are always hotter when women provide them, er, I mean the data is more objective when it comes from an independent source.

9. drketedc - September 14, 2015

“Reasonably nice”. I like that! I guess we can’t use the Golden Rule anymore since there are too many people that want to be treated in an awful way. It’s appalling how well-intentioned comments can be willfully taken wrong and cause violent arguments . This is more proof that we are disparaging the individual in favor of the collective. Then what’s the use of living? We’ll all go into the universal collective of atoms when we die.

Cathy - September 14, 2015

Universal? …Collective? …Atoms? …Die?


I’d rather grin and giggle about butt-cheek and plumber’s crack.

*slumps in chair*

*imagines ‘self’ as knuckle-dragger*


10. geoff - September 14, 2015

I’d rather grin and giggle about butt-cheek and plumber’s crack.

Either way I’ll be spending some quality time in my bunk.

11. Sobek - September 14, 2015

Oh yeah, Mr. Smarty Pants? What about a micrometer?

Check and mate, my friend.

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