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Approaching Peak Whine October 1, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

Katherine Timpf at The National Review noted a couple of silly pieces at HuffPo and The Guardian. Let’s start with The Guardian, where a poor lass is trying her feminist best to cope with the horror of sweat-shaming:

In this powerful, heart-wrenching piece, Roe explains that she recently went into a Starbucks after her run only to have some lady ask her if she’d gone swimming. Horrified, Roe explained to the woman that she was just sweaty — and then proceeded to flee the shop before even adding the half-and-half she wanted because she was just too traumatized to stay there a moment longer.

“Eventually the caffeine kicked in and it hit me: I’d been sweat-shamed,” she writes. “Sweat-shaming is when someone points out your sweatiness as a way to signal disapproval,” she continues. “Like its counterparts, slut-shaming and fat-shaming, sweat-shaming is aimed mainly at women, who are actually not supposed to sweat at all.”

No, my dear, the myth that women are not supposed to sweat was dispelled decades ago, when women began running and working out routinely. Sweat-shaming is reserved for those people who are too inconsiderate to avoid going into an enclosed space with their stinky, sweaty bodies.

I’m confident that I sweat more than any human born on this planet, so when I finish some sweat-inducing physical exertion, I spare the patrons of Starbucks my drippy glory, and grab a shower or at least wait until I cool off before I inflict myself on the public. It’s called courtesy. And hygiene. And social mores. And such like that there.

So far from identifying another slight against womankind, the author at The Guardian has identified herself as a socially backwards lout.


Moving on to the sad little HuffPo author, who says that because she is brown-skinned, she is forced to shave her legs and armpits.

According to Agrawal, although “humans of the porcelain-skinned variety” like Madonna and Miley Cyrus have the option of not shaving their armpits, she cannot join their furry-feminist fuzz fest because of her race.

“So while they reject the status quo, they’re going somewhere I can’t follow,” she explains.

She “can’t follow,” she explains, because her “grooming habits are not a simple style choice or preference,” but rather dictated by the “out-and-out racism” of our society that has only gotten worse since 9/11.

As with all matters involving the possibility of racism, we should treat her complaint with sensitivity and understanding. So as to the delicate matter of the racial inequities of grooming, let me just say:

Hey, hairy-legged spider girl – shave your damn legs!!

We may have a couple of weirdo celebrity types who don’t shave their armpits, but the norm in this country is for ladies to shave their exposed body parts. All ladies. You are welcome to not conform, and to complain about the standards of conformity, but the simple truth is: if you want to fit in, you accept the appearance standards of the society you live in.

Everyone has grooming issues. Everyone hates to shave (although there’s a cool new laser shaver coming out!). Guys with five o’clock shadows complain that they have to shave twice a day. Everyone has a skin condition, or a hair condition, or some unique circumstance that makes their life a pain in the posterior.

But those are issues to take up with your Maker, not to attribute to racism.


1. Mr. Matamoros - October 3, 2015

Poor, poor girl. A victim of the modern age!6

2. jam2 - October 5, 2015

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