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The Case for Witholding Shooters’ Names October 2, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

I really wish they wouldn’t release the names of these mass shooter types. They should be left with no place in history, thought about by no one, none of their life’s details splashed across our media.

They should be denied the fame they tried to buy with the stolen lives of others.


1. Retired Geezer - October 2, 2015

Well said, geoff.

2. jam2 - October 3, 2015

i’m of 2 minds on this:
the human reaction – the fight-filled reaction to rail and say – “FFFFFF —- UUUUUUUU_” johnny scumbag; pox upon you, your soul, and all that have come before you, or will trod the future of your genetic pathway…
the scribe, the scientist, the accountant, side of me that wants history to know fully and clearly; the who, the what, and the why, that caused this travesty to transpire

the lost innocents are further maligned in burying the transgressor from history.

i lean towards knowledge

3. geoff - October 3, 2015

I used to have a lot of curiosity about the motives of these idiots, but no more. Their motivations are shallow, trivial, ignoble things, unworthy of any attention or analysis.

Let them die obscurely in an unmarked grave.

4. lauraw - October 3, 2015

No perfect solutions exist. All we have are our choices, and their attendant tradeoffs.

If the choice is between honoring the dead by naming the killer, and protecting future innocents from slaughter by NOT naming the killer, let us choose the second option. Please. IMHO.

5. Cathy - October 5, 2015

Well said. I was away for a week and stayed away from the internet for the most part — but heard about Oregon.

What will stay with me for my remaining years will be that each of these young people were willing to confess Jesus Christ and their Christian identity knowing full well that they would die for it. They did this because they know something that many on this planet don’t. They know truth, true love, forgiveness, grace, peace and a joy that this creep who murdered them will never know. Their LORD is the same Christ who warns us in Scripture that “they will hate you because you know and love me” and their LORD is our Priceless Treasure. That creep can’t take that away. Faith, hope and love are stronger and endure beyond life itself. Period.

I’ve been challenging myself for years now to continue to have that kind of faith that would stand for and confess my Lord despite the outcome instigated by those sick with evil. I have witnessed evil forces growing in our communities, nation and across the globe. I’d hope that I also would get a bullet in my head because I was strong enough to say — YES — I’m a Christian.

I still don’t have this creep’s name down and DON’T WANT ANYONE to TELL ME. Thank you very much. He’s that creepy sicko-loser from Oregon. Period.

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