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Pushing Pawns October 4, 2015

Posted by geoff in News.

In the endgame in chess, you often end up trying to push pawns to the far side of the board, hoping to turn them into queens. In the most spirit-crushing scenario, you push two pawns, so as soon as the defender cuts off one pawn’s advance, you can switch to the other pawn. The defender ends up running back and forth, unable to stop the pawns’ inexorable march.

At least that’s how it always worked out for me when I was being crushed by my opponents. And it appears that it’s how it’s working out for the Obama administration as well.

Russia moves troops into the Ukraine, but before we can resolve the situation, China pushes forward in the South China Sea, but as soon as we jump on that, Russia moves into Syria. While we’re worrying about Syria, China presses its advantages in South America, but when we notice that, Russia starts making noises about reabsorbing the Baltic States. [I may have the order wrong, but you get the point.]

I wish President Obama was better at foreign policy than I am at chess, but it appears not. He doesn’t even seem to be aware of how tightly coordinated Russia and China are.

It’s particularly galling to see him try to shore up his ineffectual foreign policy by bragging about having the strongest military forces in history, as if the military he’s weakened and cut has the ability to wage war on two fronts (as was always the requirement in the past).

No Mr. President, you don’t even have the strongest military of the past 10 years. And a strong military hasn’t been needed this badly in 30 years.

Fortunately his plan to turn swords into social services is still going strong, so we can be weakened militarily and economically at the same time.


1. Jimbro - October 5, 2015

China and Russia appear to be mimicking Obama’s domestic policy of manufactured crisis to keep his opponents off balance. I was searching for the term to describe it but couldn’t recall what it was until I read a post at AoS tonight: “Stray voltage”. Cloward-Pivin/Rules For Radicals type maneuvering. In this instance though the stakes are so much higher.

2. Sobek - October 6, 2015

Higher stakes, plus utter incompetence, plus malignant narcissism? Yeah, we’re in trouble.

3. jam2 - October 7, 2015


the russians use the term – Maskirovka

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